Mafiusu Quotes: Real Men Dare to Take Risks, But With Full Calculation

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Mafiusu Quotes: Real Men Dare to Take Risks, But With Full Calculation–There’s A Lot To Learn From The Mafia For A Real Guy. How Can You Take Positive Mafia Concepts You Apply In Everyday Life So That It Becomes More Quality.

Dare The word Mafia comes from the Italian Sicilian term Mafiasu, which means the courage to take risks. Real Guys Don’t Always Play It Safe Always Stay In The Comfort Zone. If you want to develop, you want to be better, you have to take risks. Not Mean Also Reckless Blindly.

But take risks that you’ve calculated. For example, if you want to exercise, there must be a risk of injury. Choose the sport that best suits your body. If you want a business, there must be a risk of bankruptcy, so choose a business that you can handle well so you don’t go bankrupt.

Shut Up Mafia Refrain from Leaking Information About Other Mafia Families to the Police. Violating This Could Be A Lifetime Disgrace. This means that being a guy must also be able to keep secrets from other guys.

Don’t like bad-mouthing other people. Especially behind them just to make faces or chat gossip. Not Manly Very Embarrassing For A Man. Revenge If One Mafia Family Is Hurt Everyone Will Move To Demand Revenge From People Who Hurt It Could Be A Big War Involving Several Mafia Families. There Are Lessons To Be Taken. You Don’t Have To Get Hot In A Brawl Or Inappropriate Fuss With Revenge Reasons.

For Real Men A Good Revenge Is One That Is Done In An Elegant Way. For example, you are dumped by your boyfriend because you are considered unstable. Show Him By Working Hard. You Can Have an Established Career Success Life Big Business. Underestimated Friends Say You Can’t Have A Good Body.

Show Him Wrong With Diligent Sports Taking Care Of The Body. He Will Be Surprised Silent Alone Successfully Have A Good Body. This Elegant Revenge Will Make You A Better Man Plus Won’t Deal With The Law. Our Rules There are 10 Mafia Rules That You Can’t Break From How to Treat Family Members to Dealing with the Police.

This means that you, as a boy, must also have rules and life principles that you adhere to. It’s not easy to change, it’s not easy to be affected by the environment. This principle is based on truth and goodness and you believe it can lead you to be a better man, for example, the principle of not taking the rights of others or living according to God’s rules. (*)

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