7 Confidence You Need To Have So Your Life Is The Way You Want It

Confidence You Need To Have So Your Life Is The Way You Want It

KUPASONLINE.COM–Having true belief in life.
is one of the absolute requirements.
to achieve what we aspire to in our lives.
because success and happiness will come to people.
who previously had the right beliefs.
believe first then succeed, believe first then be happy.
Don’t turn it around.
When people believe that they will not be able to,
at that moment, they person was incapable.
when people believe they will lose.
at that moment, that person had already lost.
When people believe they will not be happy,
they actually, the person has started to be unhappy.
multitudes of people live without a clear direction or purpose
life just follows flowing water.
life is just living without thinking about what life really is.
When they are not happy, they are sad.
but they never find out why they are unhappy.
they never learn what really makes their life unhappy.
they think that happiness must come from other people.
it is other people who are obliged to make themselves happy.
whereas, happiness does not come from outside.
but happiness comes from the heart.
if the heart is happy, everyone will be happy in any condition.
Most people limit their beliefs.
and because of that their lives are limited.
they just believe that life is full of sorrow,
and misery and will be very difficult to go through
whether they realize it or not, they will never have
good days in their lives
most of them only wear masks
they don’t live the way they want
they insist on living the way people want,
not what they want
they just want to please others,
but their hearts are in torment
they do not control their lives,
it is a life that controls them
if we can change our beliefs about
the life of the seven beliefs in this video
God willing, our lives will work according to what we want
Happiness will be with us soon and
all the blessings from Allah, we will get it soon
Here are seven beliefs that can lead us to the life we want
number 1, only I can decide how I feel no matter what the situation is
number 2, there are too many things to be grateful for
number 3, being yourself will get us to meet the right people
number 4, I can do anything
number 5, goodness will always win
number 6, all is a blessing and a lesson
number 7, the best is sure to come
Allow me to discuss each one to help you understand it better
number one, only I decide how I feel, and no matter the situation
If you pay attention to someone who is unhappy,
he will get angry easily about anything
People who are unhappy also have a lot of things they don’t like
they let all the things that made them unhappy enter their lives
and it keeps repeating itself over the years without them noticing
In fact, our state of mind depends on how we are
if our thoughts are positive, God willing, everything will be positive
If our thoughts are negative then they will attract negative things too
When you are able to control your thoughts and feelings
then two things will happen
first, you will be stronger because you know
that happiness is your own creation
that way, nothing can spoil your mood
because you choose to be happy the way you are
second, you will attract the good
when you create good energy
then all the good things will enter your life
without you knowing it miracle after miracle
will always be present in life
Do you want to be successful? you have to decide
you want to be happy? you have to decide
Decide that after waking up,
you will always think of success and happiness
after that do all your work and don’t procrastinate
after going to bed say Alhamdulillah
for the day you have passed
and say bismillah for tomorrow
number 2, there are too many things to be grateful for
always being grateful is an absolute prerequisite
for living an extraordinary life
because of the formula, be grateful first then happy,
not happy first then grateful
we are just human beings
who are born from our weaknesses and strengths
if we are all born with our weaknesses and strengths
Why should we focus on our weaknesses?
even though there are so many gifts of God that are given to us
what are we to complain about?
when we complain about our work, at the same time
a lot of people dream of being able to work like us
When we complain about our children, at the same time
there are many women in this world who dream of having children
When we complain about our rented house
at the same time, many people dream of
living in a rented house even though it is small
instead of having to live in the house of their in-laws
there are so many things we can be grateful for
be grateful, because it makes our hearts calm
Don’t be traumatized and hurt about the past
and don’t worry about the future
Be thankful for this time
God willing, happiness and sustenance will always be attracted
to people who are grateful
number 3, being yourself will get us to meet the right people
one of the greatest tragedies of humankind is
that the majority of them transform themselves to fit the world
They are willing to change themselves
into other people for the world to see
they are willing to pretend and put on masks
so they can meet the right person
Even though we will never meet the right person
if we are always masked to be someone else
be yourself, God willing, we will find the right person
because the right person loves what it is,
not loves because of anything
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,
being yourself in a world that constantly
makes you something else is a great accomplishment
be yourself, so you can meet the right person
Number 4, I can do anything
Successful people know very well that whatever they believe
will happen and can come true
Imagine what happens in your life if you believe that you can
When you believe that you can do anything,
at that moment your brain will work, your hands will write plans,
and your heart will be full of energy.
you have to believe in yourself.
because how can people believe in you?
if you do not believe in yourself.
Make sure that you can do anything.
after that, go and manifest all that you believe in and dream of.
Number 5, goodness will always win.
many people believe that belief is a weakness.
maybe the assumption was obtained because of past trauma.
when they were kind to people but their kindness was misused.
it may be true that your kindness is misused,
but after that will you turn into a bad person?
keep doing good.
Because kindness is not for showing other people.
but that kindness is your business with God.
Trust me, there will always be a reward for a kindness.
number 6, everything is a blessing and a lesson.
We’ve all been through hard times.
we all live in our respective wars.
If we believe that we can get through all the problems.
God willing, we will be able to pass it.
but after that, we have to learn,
so that we don’t get caught up in the same problem.
it means that the problem is a blessing.
so that we are much more mature.
and much wiser,
if we always think that the problem is a lesson
Learn from your pain in the past,
but don’t let the pain bring you down.
You have to be much stronger, much better,
much smarter, and much more mature.
Because that’s what trouble was created for.
number 7, the best is sure to come.
at this time you may not find the best.
but you must be sure.
Tell the mirror in front of you that the best is sure to come.
try your hardest to be the best.
because the best will definitely attract the best too.
Live these 7 beliefs and see what happens in the future
God willing, miracles will always be present in your life.
thank you.

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