10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in China which are Famous and Must Visit, Cool Like in the Movies

KUPASONLINE.COM — China is known as one of the countries in Asia that is able to attract tourists. As one of the most amazing tourist destinations, China has many interesting tourist spots. Among the many tourist attractions, there are 10 places that are indeed favorite destinations for tourists. The following are 10 must-visit tourist attractions in China.

1. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the most legendary building in China which is also included in one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s really incomplete if you travel to China but don’t visit this giant wall.

The wall with a length of 20,921 km can be easily accessed by tourists from the city of Beijing. If necessary, there are a number of tour guides that can be used to take you to this most historic place in China. It is also recommended not to visit this wall in winter because the temperature can drop to 00c. And don’t forget to use footwear that suits the conditions.

2. Li River

The Li River is said by many to be like a beautiful work of the Creator. Bordered by Karst hills, this place is a magnet for poets and painting artists to express their thoughts. This beautiful tourist spot has even been recognized by America’s National Geographic Magazine and the World’s as one of the 10 most beautiful water wonders, and also CNN Travel as the 15 best rivers to visit.

The Li River flows from Guilin to Yangshuo. This one tourist spot presents amazing natural beauty and also a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the beauty of the Li river.

3. The Forbidden City

For more than 500 years, the Forbidden City, located in the city of Beijing, has been the exclusive home of the emperor and his advisers. When this place opened to the public, in an instant it became the most crowded tourist spot in Beijing.

Inside this place there are as many as 980 amazing interior buildings. If there are tourists who want to make a catalog of buildings in the Forbidden City, it is a pointless thing considering that the place is very large and there are too many buildings to be visited one by one. Many tourists bring food while enjoying the scenery in the place. In fact, many also stay inside until the visiting time is over.

4. Yuanyang Rice Terraces

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