5 Hotels in China with Fantastic Architecture

KUPASONLINE.COM —As we all know, there are many skyscrapers in China. Just like the United Arab Emirates, the country seems to be obsessed with making tall and large buildings.

Apart from towering buildings, in China there are also many buildings with amazing architecture, one of which can be seen from the hotel complex.

In the midst of its impressive nature, China does not hesitate to build luxury hotels with architecture that makes people chuckle in awe, a sign that the future concept is already in the hands of its residents.

Here are a number of luxury hotels in China with fantastic architecture:

1. Amanyangyun
When you walk into the main lobby of Amanyangyun, Nan Shu Fang, it’s as if you’ve stepped into the passage of time in ancient times.

This hotel, located in Jiangxi Province, has been operating since 2002. The area is surrounded by ancient villages during the Ming and King Dynasties and wilderness.

The philanthropist Ma Dadong was born and raised here. When he returned home he realized that the construction of the dam would submerge the village, so he immediately arranged to move the ancient houses and trees to the area that is now the location of this luxury hotel.

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