15 Tourist Locations that Tourists Must Visit, Cheap and Exciting Holidays in West Sumatra

Pasumpahan Island

There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, which are no less beautiful than tourist attractions abroad. But unfortunately, most Indonesians prefer to go on holiday abroad to tourist attractions in their own country. Even though there are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that are far more beautiful than those abroad, for example, the Raja Ampat Islands. And there are many other tourist attractions

West Sumatra is famous for its delicious cuisine, namely Rendang but also has tourist attractions, such as the Harau Valley, Anai Valley, Air Manis Beach, Jam Gadang, and many others.

Here are 10 lists of tourist attractions in West Sumatra that must be visited.

1. Pasumpahan Island

The first tourist spot that must be visited when going to West Sumatra is the Pasumpahan Island Tourist Attraction, which is now very much visited by tourists because Pasumpahan Island it can be said that now it is the most beautiful tourist spot in Padang because on this Pasumpahan Island we will find a beach with white sand with clear seawater. Now many tourists are coming to Pasumpahan Island and there are also several dive sites for those who like diving.

2. Tirta Natural Baths

Tirta Natural Baths

Tirta Natural Baths, this one tourist spot has been around for a long time. As the name implies, Tirta Alami is a natural bathing resort, without chlorine and with cool, cold nuances. And the pool is also made naturally. The entry fee for the Tirta Alami tourist spot is very cheap, you only need to spend three thousand rupiahs to enter this Tirta Alami tourist spot.


3. Anai Valley

Anai Valley

Anai Valley is one of the famous natural tourist attractions and has become the mascot of tourism in West Sumatra. Anai Valley Waterfall, this waterfall which has a height of about 35 meters is part of the flow of the Batang Lurah Dalam River from Mount Singgalang which leads to the Anai fault area. This waterfall is located in the western part of the Anai Valley Nature Reserve,
There are 3 waterfalls in this location, one on the side of the road, often known as the Anai Valley Waterfall. While the other two waterfalls are covered by dense forest, so they are not widely known by the wider community. Tourists who want to see the two waterfalls can travel about 15 minutes from the location of the Anai Valley Waterfall. Not far from the location of this waterfall there is a large rocky river flowing clear water. Above the river crosses a railroad bridge left by the Dutch.

4. Harau Valley

Harau Valley

In the Harau Valley, you will find a Waterfall that is not inferior to the Anai Valley Waterfall. There is not only one waterfall, but in the Harau Valley, there are several very beautiful waterfalls, not only charming and beautiful waterfalls that you can find in this Harau Valley but also beautiful views of the cliffs. The Harau Valley Cliff is also very good for rock climbing because there are high and steep cliffs.


5. Puncak Lawang

Puncak Lawang

In an area not far from the city of Bukittinggi, which is only about 20 kilometers, there is a tourist spot that has excellent air and beautiful scenery. Not only that, but from the height of Puncak Lawang, we can see beautiful scenery, green hills, and blue Lake Maninjau.

6. Pagaruyuang Palace

Pagaruyuang Palace

Pagaruyuang Palace is one of the historical heritage of the kingdom in West Sumatra. And now it is one of the most visited tourist objects by tourists. Not far from Pagaruyuang Palace, you can continue your journey to Lake Singkarak in Solok.


7. Gadang Clock

Gadang Clock

Gadang Clock is one of the tourist icons of the city of Bukittinggi which is in the town square of Bukittinggi. When visiting West Sumatra, it’s incomplete if you don’t visit the Clock Tower.


8. Nyarai Water

Nyarai Water

Nyarai Waterfall is the same bathing tourist spot as Tirta Alami, Nyarai Waterfall was once hidden in the forest, but now it is one of the favorite tourist spots in West Sumatra. Nyarai Waterfall does not only provide the beauty of the Waterfall, its location which is in the interior of the forest makes us have to reach it on foot through the Gamaran forest. Fatigue will disappear because along the way we will be presented with various natural scenery that is still beautiful and it is a pity to miss it. In addition, there are several Labuan (natural pools) that will be passed, such as Labuan Lalang, Lubuak Ngungun, and Lubuak Batu Trading.


9. Termination Beach

Termination Beach

Termination Beach is located in the west of the province of West Sumatra, not only white sand and beaches, but termination beach also has the beauty of coral reefs which are very dear to the eyes.

10. Pagang Beach

Pagang Island

Pagang Beach is not much different from other beaches which have beautiful views, but there are advantages of Pagang Beach, namely a calm atmosphere. If you want to take a short break from the hustle and bustle of city life, maybe this beach is the best choice for you.


11. Nagari 1000 Rumah Gadang

In contrast to Rara Jonggrang who asked for 1,000 temples in one night, the Gadang house area was built in a much longer time.
After all, the name of this place cannot be translated literally because there are likely less than a thousand houses.

You could be invited to stay a night or two at one of their houses, watch traditional dances, and learn about the customs of the indigenous tribes!

This traditional house complex is located in South Solok district. Rumah Gadang can be easily identified by its pointed roofs called gonjong, which are said to represent buffalo horns, the symbol of the Minangkabau tribe.

You can find Rumah Gadang easily throughout the district, but stop by Desa Koto Baru for a more intimate feel. There are 174 houses in this complex, so you can definitely experience a more complete experience when you visit.

12. The tree house on the hill: Taruko Café & Resto

tree House
Believe me, this beautiful place to eat is located not far from the city. Taruko Café & Resto is suitable as a place to relax, it can be reached in just 20 minutes drive from the city of Bukittinggi and is at the bottom of the Sianok Gorge Valley. The journey to the bottom of the valley is dominated by rocky terrain, quite challenging but your sacrifice will definitely pay off!

This great little place has incredible views of dense forests, hills, rice fields, clearings and rivers. Here, you’ll be surrounded by buildings that resemble Rumah Gadang with soaring roofs – so get ready to be immersed in the true richness of Indonesian culture.


It’s called a tree house, because the main cafe itself is indeed built to resemble a giant tree, depicting a dream that all children must have. There are West Sumatran specialties available (we recommend Nasi Dendeng Batokok) or you can also sip coffee while hanging your legs.
Refreshing green scenery, accompanied by relaxing music, this is a real vacation!

13. Alahan Panjang Tea Plantation

Alahan Panjang Tea Plantation
Tea lovers dock! There is a perfect place for you. Located at an altitude of 1,400 to 1,600 meters above sea level, the Alahan Panjang Tea Plantation (on Mount Talang Solok) will provide you with coolness and away from the crowds of tourists.

You will definitely love the green landscape and the cool air mixed with the aroma of tea. In this place, you can also see tea farmers picking the best leaves.

What makes this destination most interesting is that there are two beautiful lakes at once! Twin Lakes, like the tea gardens themselves, is located on a plateau, making it a perfect place to hone your photography skills!

Not only that, all this natural beauty can be enjoyed at a cost of zero rupiah. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends, family and relatives right now!


14. Lubuk Bulan Waterfall

Lubuk Bulan Waterfall

Come to Lubuk Bulan for an experience that can bewitch you. This waterfall stream falls from a height of 50 meters into the crescent-shaped natural pool below.

But the charm is, you’ll be hooked once you find out there’s a hidden cave underneath!
It’s not wrong if the locals call it “Missing Water”!

It’s a great place to sit back and relax to the relaxing sounds of the roaring waters – or get ready to strike a pose for some selfies, alone or with your friends!

15. Guguak Sarai Hill

Guguak Sarai Hill
For extreme and challenging photo lovers, Guguak Sarai Hill is a must-see destination.
From a height of about 800 meters above sea level, you can see the landscape in the form of rice fields, people’s houses, and also hills that line up as far as the eye can see. This place is clearly a paradise for climbers plus photographers with field views from the top.

The path to the top was made by the residents of Koto Sungai Lasi themselves. Even though it seems very challenging, it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the top of the hill!

For those of you who like natural panoramas wrapped in fresh air, be prepared to be pampered with extraordinary beauty in this place.

If you are visiting here, remember safety is still number one. One more thing, never tarnish the natural splendor here with trash or acts of vandalism.

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