Getting to Know the Makepung Tradition in Bali, Visitors Must Try the Excitement of Riding a Buffalo

The island of Bali has become an Indonesian tourist icon with its natural beauty and culture that can attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. One of the regions in Indonesia has a variety of interesting cultures which are able to give a different appearance compared to other regions. One of the cultural names from Bali which is still preserved today is Makepung.

Makepung itself means chasing, using a pair of buffaloes, and on the island of the Gods Bali you can only find it in Jembrana district, so with this Makepung tradition, Jembrana district is also known as “Makepung Earth”.

This has become an annual tradition followed by farmer groups in Jembrana. Racing buffalo are selected and specially treated like an athlete, even before the race begins the owner does not forget to perform a ritual. Held every Sunday between July and November each year.

Usually a Governor’s Cup tournament will be held to get as many as 300 buffalo participants so that the size of the prize is very attractive. Not only featuring buffalo racing, but in the process of the race accompanied by jegog musicians or a special gamelan made of bamboo. Of course the presence of the gamelan will add to the splendor of the competition.

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