5 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Australia

KUPASONLINE.COM — Tourist attractions in Australia have their own characteristics, especially their natural attractions. One of the attractions of a tourist visit to Australia apart from its natural charm, is because the country is able to control pollution.

In addition, the most popular tourist attractions in Australia, from Sydney, Melbourne to Adelaide, are cities that hold the title of livable cities.

For Indonesia, tourist attractions in Australia are one of the most frequently visited foreign destinations. Close, as a country, and neighboring continents, are some of the many reasons for visiting Australia.

Tourism in Australia is not only limited to nature tourism. There are also romantic and instagramable tours, to historical tours that are recommended to be visited.

The means of transportation that can be used to arrive at tourist attractions in Australia are also very complete. In fact, there are tour packages using the longest train in the world.

5 Tourist Attractions in Australia

1.Sydney Opera House

As usual, a review of tourist attractions will start with icons or buildings that are identical to the country, including the Australian state icon.

The name of a tourist spot in Sydney, Australia which is shaped like a shell, as well as an Australian icon called the Sydney Opera House, or the Australian Opera House.

The attraction of the Sydney Opera House is its unique shell-shaped shape, which was designed by Jorn Utzon, from Denmark. In addition, the location also seems to float on the water, making the eyes of those who see it will be amazed by the building.

Its natural charm is also very pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, the view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, as well as city buildings, is another view.

The Sydney Opera House can become an instagramable tourist spot in Australia. In addition, the Australian Opera House has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. The Great Barrier Reef

Do you know where the largest coral reef in the world is located? Yups, the answer lies in Queensland, Australia, which is called the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef has an area of approximately 348,700 square kilometers. And has earned the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.

When the pandemic situation subsides, I suggest that a tourist visit to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef be number 1 on the list. Because these tourist attractions in Australia are threatened with extinction in 2030.

The tourist activities that can be done on the Great Barrier Reef are as follows:

Boarded a glass floor sailing ship,
jet skis,
Up to skydives.
Whitsunday Island is one of the islands in the Great Barrier Reef that must be visited. The island has white sand beaches, amazing natural charm, and can become a romantic and instagramable tourist spot in Australia.

3. Kangoroo Island

Australia is known as the land of the Kangaroo. Thus, your visit to Australia will not be perfect if you don’t visit Kangoroo Island.

Kangoroo Island is not only a big home for native Australian animals, namely kangaroos. But on the island, there are other spots that can be visited, namely:

Flinders Chase National Park,
Remarkable Rocks,
Kelly Hill Conservation Park.

4. Cable Beach

The beach with blue sea water, white sand, that might just be the average attraction of natural beach attractions. But have you ever walked around the beach area by riding a camel?

If not, then Cable Beach is a tourist spot that offers these tourist activities. In addition, the sand beach area stretches for 22 kilometers.

Don’t miss the phenomenon of the sunset over the Indian Ocean, then capture the moment. The atmosphere will feel romantic, of course when you visit with loved ones.

5. The Ghan

This is a tour of tourist attractions in Australia that is different from the others. This tour is carried out from southern Australia, to Northern Australia.

What distinguishes it is by using the longest train in the world called The Ghan. The name is taken from the camels from Afghanistan.

The tour will pass through exotic places in Australia, especially the natural panorama. Of course, the tour package for The Ghan is not in hours, but days.(*)

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