Get to know Malay Culture in Malaysia, which is not much different from Indonesia

KUPASONLINE.COM — The Malay community is a component of the Malaysian nation. Each group has its culture, customs, and rules. One of them is the Malay culture in Malaysia. The Malay community in Malaysia is actually mostly the same as the Malay community living in Indonesia and other regions.

There are Malay communities in Malaysia who are their own groups such as in Sabah, Sarawak or Kelantan. However, based on the regulations of the Malaysian state there are separate limitations regarding Malayness in that country. Malay culture is one of the various cultures on this earth.

This culture has been passed down from generation to generation by the community. Malay culture is also one of the pillars supporting culture in Malaysia. Malaysian culture also thrives and is thick in the midst of Malaysian and Indonesian society. Among ordinary people, the Malay people are always associated with citizens from Malaysia. In fact, the Malay family is one of the original Indonesian ethnic groups spread across various islands, especially Sumatra.

Cultural Roots

Malays are indigenous people who use the Malay language, are Muslim, and carry out Malay traditions and customs. Indigenous people in Malaysia are descendants of tribes in Indonesia such as Aceh, Minangkabau, Bugis or Mandailingi. They speak Malay.

They are considered as Malays, apart from Malay Anak Jati (Malay Peninsula) who come from the Malay Land itself. Even though they are not native, they marry Malays and embrace Islam, they will be accepted as Malays. Malaysia and Indonesia have the same cultural roots. This proved the lands of the peninsula were once united. Then the Johor kingdom was centered in Bintan, Islands, Riau. Malays are easy to find in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Singapore.

Malay language

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