5 Tourist Destinations in Cappadocia, Turkey, Its Charm Makes You Feel At Home!

KUPASONLINE.COM — Turkey is a country located in the Eurasia region, the border between Europe and Asia. This country, which is thousands of cities in Ankara, is famous for its beautiful panoramas like a fairy tale. Therefore, it’s no wonder why Turkey is often the main destination for travelers from various regions of the world.

Turkey has one of the cities that holds so many stories and history. Cappadocia for example. A small town located in eastern Anatolia contains a landscape that is characteristic of the rocks. The uniqueness of this region is also the main attraction for people who visit.

It will definitely make you feel at home, here are 5 recommendations for tourist destinations in Cappadocia, Turkey!

1.Gerome National Park

When visiting Cappadocia, you can’t miss this one destination. Yup, Gerome Natural Park is one of the favorite destinations in Cappadocia. Here, you can enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Ride which will take you to see the panorama of Cappadocia from above.

Not only that, in Gerome National Park you can also visit the Gerome Open Museum which consists of 11 ancient churches. These churches have a unique architecture in the classical European style.

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