10 Recommendations of the Most Popular Turkish Typical Foods and Makes You Addictive

KUPASONLINE.COM — Speaking of food, Turkish specialties are one of the menus that you must try, especially for those of you who really like spices-rich dishes. Want to try one of them? Come on, see the following recommendations for the most popular Turkish specialties.

So, are you curious about the typical Turkish dishes on the menu? Come on, take a look at these 10 menu recommendations!
1. Manti
If you are used to siomai in Indonesia, in Turkey there is a similar dish, you know! Her name is Manti. This Turkish food is very similar in shape to dumplings, made from a thin layer of flour filled with meat and various special spices.

The difference lies in the size, because the layers of Manti flour are generally thin and small. In addition, another difference lies in the way it is presented. Turkish people usually serve Manti with a splash of tomato sauce, yogurt and onions, so the taste really kicks.

2. Dondurm

Have you ever seen a video of the attraction of an ice cream seller who pranks his customers by spinning ice cream using a long stick? That ice cream is Dondurma. This attraction is a form of entertainment and the way the seller serves the buyer can of course be an entertainment in itself, because it invites laughter from the visitors.

Dondurma itself is usually not served with cones like the videos that are widely circulated, but more often it is served with sweet Turkish specialties such as Baklava. Turks usually serve Dondurma as a side dish.

Dondurma is also different from most ice creams, because it uses goat’s milk as a base. In addition, the use of ointment (derived from orchids) makes Dondurma have a sweeter, chewier, and creamier taste. Interested in trying?

3. Baklavas

Love sweet dishes? Try Baklava pastry, a typical Turkish food. The shape is small squares and layers. The texture is soft, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. So that one bite, the sweetness immediately overflows into your mouth.

Baklava itself is made of thin layered flour dough and has a filling inside. The filling is simple, usually nuts (walnuts, pistachios, or hazlenuts) and a distinctive sweet syrup. Usually this syrup is made from sugar, water and lemon juice, so it has a rich taste.

4. Kumpir

Intrigued by typical Turkish street food? You can try a dish called Kumpir. The ingredients are simple, made from baked potatoes that have various fillings.

Usually the filling starts from meat, green vegetables, beans, cheese, sauce, and so on.
Even though it is a roadside dish and served quickly, Kumpir is very filling. One portion can reach 600 calories, so it’s really full. But once you try Kumpir, you will want more, because it has a distinctive taste and kicks with the spices.

5. Simit

Indonesia knows round bread with a hole in the middle as a donut, but in Turkey it is known as Simit. Even though they are similar in shape, Simit and donuts are very different, starting from the size, texture, taste and toppings.

How to make it is also quite unique. The smooth flour dough is not directly baked or fried, but is mixed first with the fruit syrup. After a certain time interval, then start the dough was baked with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.
Many say this is typical Turkish food that is delicious and addictive.
Simit is usually served for breakfast, with tea or yogurt. To complete the nutritional content, you can serve it with fresh vegetables, fruits and cheese.

6. Coffee

Turkey meatballs, that’s a brief description of the signature dish called Kofte. This description is not completely wrong, because the basic ingredients of Kofte are ground beef mixed with panir flour, eggs, and various spices.

But the shape is different from the meatballs in Indonesia, Kofte is shaped like a small patty. The cooking process is also different, not boiling the meat, but grilling the meat. So that the taste is more savory, the aroma is stronger, and the taste is of course delicious.

Serving Kofte is quite flexible. If you like rice, you can serve Kofte with rice. But usually the Turks serve it with pita bread and a slightly sour yoghurt sauce.

7. Menemen
For you lovers of processed food made from eggs, you can try Menemen. The appearance is similar to the scramble egg, but the taste is richer and more appetizing. You don’t need a special technique to get the perfect taste.

How to make it is actually quite easy, all you have to do is stir the eggs and mix them with various spices of your choice. Before the eggs are completely cooked or crunchy, turn them over and let them cook evenly. For those who are not used to it, it might be a bit of a hassle.

8. Kebabs

Kebabs, it seems that this dish is very popular and of course many of you have tried it. Characteristics of the dish i This is a bandage of pita bread with various fillings. Starting from completely filled vegetables, vegetables mixed with meat, and various delicious sauces.

9. Biber Dolma

This one food menu seems to rarely find an equivalent in Indonesia, this is because the main ingredient uses paprika. The shape is similar to stuffed tofu, only instead of using tofu as the skin, they use paprika.

The fillings range from rice, onions, tomatoes, beans, sugar, and a variety of selected spices. The way to make it is also quite easy, all you have to do is remove the middle of the peppers. Then fill in the middle using the ingredients earlier.

To cook it is also quite easy, just steam it with a closed pot, let it sit for a few minutes until the color and texture change a little softer. The taste varies, from sweet, bitter or spicy, depending on the type of paprika.

10. Nohutlu Pilav

Indonesians are synonymous with rice, therefore Nohutlu Pilav is perfect for you to try. This typical Turkish rice tastes delicious, a blend of rice grains, peanuts, and butter melts in the mouth. If you like spicy taste, you can add chili slices to the bowl.

The way to make it is also quite simple, all you have to do is prepare white rice, chickpeas, vegetable oil, onions, and various vegetables or pieces of meat. How to process it is not much different from fried rice, so it’s easy for you to copy yourself.

How? Very delicious, right? Even if you just look at the pictures, this typical Turkish food is definitely delicious, you know. It’s time for you to fly to Turkey and taste this Turkish specialty in person!(*)

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