8 Attractions in Lombok that are Alluring and Must Visit, Hits!

KUPASONLINE.COM — Lombok is often touted as one of the best tropical islands in Indonesia. After Bali, Lombok Island has always been a favorite destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign.

So, for those of you who are planning a vacation to Lombok, we have summarized recommendations for tourist attractions in Lombok that are alluring and you really have to visit!

1. Seger Kuta Beach

Not only Bali, Lombok also has Kuta Beach, you know. This beach is part of the Mandalika tourist area in Central Lombok.

Apart from enjoying the beautiful beaches, you can also climb the hills around Seger Beach in this area. The view from the top of the hill is the stretch of white sand Kuta Beach.

Seger Beach can be accessed from Lombok International Airport by motorized vehicle. The distance is about 21 kilometers.

Pusuk Sembalun Tourism Park is located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, Sembalun Bumbung Village, East Lombok Regency. This tourist spot offers a kind of viewing post with unique views at an altitude of about 1,250 meters above sea level.

As far as the eye can see, you will be spoiled with green forests and mountains. Besides being refreshing, this place is also very Instagramable, you know.

3. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is in the southern part of Central Lombok. This beach is very affordable, because it is only about 15 minutes from the center of Mataram City

Tanjung Aan Beach offers a very charming panorama. The sand is white and fine, the water is clear blue. No wonder this one beach can refresh your eyes and mind.

4. House of the Ganges Tree

The Gangga Tree House has a similar concept to the Pusuk Sembalun Tourism Park, namely a viewing post that is at a height. The Gangga Tree House is located in Gangga Mumas Village, North Lombok.

In this place you can also spoil your eyes with all-green views. Its location close to the waterfall is also one thing that adds to the beauty of the Gangga Tree House.

5. Bukit Selong

Bukit Selong or Bukit Beleq is located in Sembalun Lawang Village, Sembalun District, East Lombok Regency. From the top of Selong Hill, you will be spoiled with a very beautiful view, namely beautiful hills and colorful rice fields.

6. Honey Falls

Not far from Selong Hill, you can also visit Madu Waterfall. The location is still in the Sembalun area, to be precise in Bilok Petung Village, Sembalun District, East Lombok Regency.

The height of this waterfall reaches about 20 meters. The water is fresh and bluish green. From a distance, this waterfall has radiated its beauty, so it has become a magnet for tourists.

7. Aik Nyet Sesaot

Aik Nyet Sesaot is a Forest Tourism Park located in Aik Nyer Hamlet, Sesaot Village, Narmada District, West Lombok Regency. This spot is suitable for those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, because the place has not been visited by many people.

The spring water in this place is very clear and refreshing. Apart from that, the water flowing between the large stones also adds to the beauty of this spot.

8. Tangsi Beach

Tangsi Beach is also known as Pink Beach, because the beach sand is pink or pink.

The reason is because the white sand is mixed with red coral fragments which are destroyed by the waves and mixed with sand. The location is almost at the southern tip of Lombok Island, or about 2.5 hours from the center of Mataram City.(*)

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