5 Best Hotel Recommendations in Lombok

KUPASONLINE.COM —Lombok is an island that holds various natural, cultural and historical riches. Since the last few years, tourism in Lombok has indeed increased. Many tourists from Indonesia and abroad who visit this island. Its charm is not inferior to the island of Bali which has been famous for a long time.

Therefore, do not be surprised if in Lombok there are many hotel choices. Some good hotel options include Pullman Mandalika, Kokomo Resort, and Rinjani Lodge. Besides that, there are still several other hotels that are no less good in Lombok. Come on, find out through this article!

Lombok is an island located east of Bali Island and separated by the Lombok Strait. This island has several charms that attract the attention of tourists.

Pretty beach. Examples are Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan, Senggigi, Sekotong, Malimbu, and so on.

The island is still beautiful for underwater exploration. Lombok is famous for the Gili Islands which include Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. In addition, there are several other islands that are no less beautiful, such as Gili Gede, Gili Kedis, Gili Nanggu, and others.

A mountain that nature lovers can climb. Lombok is home to one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani. Above Mount Rinjani, there is the beautiful Lake Segara Anak.

Hills that can be visited to enjoy the panorama from above the height. Some examples include Merese Hill, Malimbu Hill, Pergasingan Hill, and so on.

Historical and cultural attractions to get to know Lombok Island more deeply. Some examples are Sade Village, Meru Temple, Lingsar Temple, Narmada Park, and others.
How to choose a hotel in Lombok

In order to have a more enjoyable holiday in Lombok, you need to choose the right hotel. For that, please read some of the tips below, OK!
Define by location

In Lombok there are several famous locations such as Kuta Mandalika, Gili Islands, Senggigi, Mataram, Gili Gede and Senaru. Of course, each location has different attractions. Come on, see the presentation.
Kuta Mandalika: Center of the crowd and closest to the airport

Kuta Mandalika is an area that has been growing rapidly since the last few years. With the construction of the Mandalika International Circuit, this area is always filled with tourists when racing matches take place. Administratively, the location of this area is in Central Lombok. However, geographically, it is located in the southern part of Lombok Island.

This area is dominated by beautiful beaches such as Kuta and Tanjung Aan. Kuta Beach is famous for its clean and textured sand. Meanwhile, Tanjung Aan is known as a shallow beach with calm waves making it suitable for swimming. Staying in this area can also be a good idea if you are traveling by plane.
Gili Islands: Suitable for underwater exploration

Lombok has several small islands which are used as tourist attractions off the west coast. The three famous islands are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. These three small islands are often referred to as the Gili Islands. All three have stunning panoramas and are suitable for underwater exploration. Even so, these three islands have their own uniqueness.

Gili Trawangan: The biggest island among the other Gilis. The atmosphere on this island feels very alive, both during the day and night. When night falls, there are many places that can be visited to enjoy the nightly entertainment. In addition, on this island there are also several leading diving learning sites. You can also try cidomo transportation on this island.

Gili Meno: The smallest island among the three Gilis. Unlike the bustling Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno is a quieter island. The natural scenery is still very beautiful and the number of hotels is not as many as on Gili Trawangan. So, this island is perfect for those of you who don’t like crowds.

Gili Air: Gili Air is a mix between Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. There are more public facilities on Gili Air than Gili Meno. Even so, this island is not as busy as Gili Trawangan. Gili Air is also a suitable place for cycling because it is not too crowded with tourists.

To reach the Gili Islands, you have to take a speed boat through several ports on Lombok Island. Apart from Lombok, you can also go directly to Gili Trawangan from Bali using a fast boat.
Senggigi: A paradise of luxury resorts for family vacations

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