Characteristics of Thai Food, from the Use of Spices to the Flavors

KUPASONLINE.COM — Not only Western, Japanese, or Chinese cuisine, Thai specialties are also popular in Indonesia.

There are many food lovers from the White Elephant country. This can be seen from the increasing number of Thai restaurants in Indonesia.

The authentic taste of Thai food is one of the characteristics as well as the reason why this dish is loved.

Popular Thai specialties include tom yam, som tam, pad thai, and tod man pla.

According to Dao, the characteristics of Thai food are not much different from authentic Indonesian cuisine, namely the use of lots of spices.

Various spices and herbs are used. Starting from coriander, lemongrass, lime leaves, chilies, to basil.

In addition to adding to the taste of food to make it more delicious, spices are usually deliberately used to get rid of the fishy smell of cooking.

“If you go to Thailand, the food is mostly seafood. Seafood must use spicy and sour sauce. If not, it doesn’t taste good,” said Dao when met in person at Greyhound Cafe Menteng at the Media Gathering event,

The sour and spicy taste is also one of the characteristics of Thai cuisine presented by Dao.

Dao said, the typical sour taste of Thailand, which is found in many sauces or stir-fried dishes, mostly comes from tamarins. “One of them is jeaw sauce, a famous sauce in Thailand. (It is made from) tamarind, lemongrass, onions and lime leaves. Spicy and sour, slightly sweet, Thai people like that,” Dao explained. A Thai chef who has lived in Indonesia for five years also said that another feature of Thai cuisine is that it can be consumed by anyone. “The taste of Thai and Indonesian food is also not very far away. The food is easy to eat. It can be eaten by children, women or men, parents can too,” concluded Dao. (*)

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