The Most Delicious Food in the World is in Indonesia, Here’s How to Make it

The most delicious food in the world

ENGLISH KUPASONLINE.COM–Rendang is a food that is quite popular in Indonesia, even in the world. Rendang as the number one most delicious food in the world. But unfortunately, the cultural similarities often make rendang also often recognized as a special food from a neighboring country, Malaysia. But, has rendang been registered and recognized by UNESCO as a special Indonesian food?

Unfortunately, until now, rendang has not been registered as authentic Indonesian food because it is related to documents and requirements. It is not an easy matter to note Cultural Heritage with UNESCO.

Only one Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTB) can be registered every two years. As reported by the website, until now there are only 9 (WBTB) Indonesia that are recognized by UNESCO as world heritage, namely Keris (2008), Wayang (2008), Batik (2009), Education and Training Program on Batik (2009), Angklung ( 2010), Saman Dance (2011), Noken Papua (2012) and Three Genres of Traditional Balinese Dance (2015), Pinisi (2017). UNESCO does not arbitrarily determine Cultural Heritage.

Only those who have historical documents, academic studies, complete photographs, and videos regarding their origin will be accepted. Not only that but cultural heritage submitted to UNESCO must also be supported by the regional government of origin, along with the traditional community. However, quoted from a press release from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), has recognized rendang as Indonesia’s National Intangible Cultural Heritage. This culinary was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2014.

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