Stunning Hotels In Europe You Must Visit!

KUPASONLINE.COM — The continent of Europe is filled with endless sights to see and a list of must-see places more than one can visit in a lifetime. Some of Europe’s most spectacular accommodations are iconic, must-visit destinations.

Whether it’s the trendy Parisian mansion of Coco Chanel or the old manor of a Roman aristocrat, an icy floating hotel in Sweden or the whitewashed residences of the clifftop caldera villages of Santorini, these stunning hotels and resorts should be on your must-do list. visit.

Ritz Paris, France

One of France’s most legendary hotels, the Ritz Paris is too extensive to describe in one paragraph. Nonetheless, people, like Coco Chanel who called the Ritz home for over 30 years, who choose to call the Ritz home for a few days may have discovered the elegance and meaning behind this hotel.

The hotel has hosted esteemed figures throughout history such as Marcel Proust, Audrey Hepburn and Ernest Hemingway, and has been spectacularly maintained for over a century. You can discover literary, musical and historical wonders throughout the Parisian paradise here, enjoy fine French cuisine at the Michelin-starred L’Espadon, indulge at Salon Proust or enjoy a classic cocktail at Bar Hemingway surrounded by relics of the past. at this hotel.

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