from now on start living a healthy life to avoid stroke, do this habit every day

English. Kupasonline. Com–Stroke can be protected by changing a fresh lifestyle. The following are some of the Fresh Routines to Avoid Stroke:

1. Eat fresh and balanced

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Creating a fresh eating routine can be a challenge for some. Many people are confused about what type of food is nutritious and good for the body. In fact, it’s simple. Choose foods rich in antioxidants, which are abundant in fish and nuts.

Also add protein intake to your daily menu to prevent stroke. If you have high cholesterol or other cardiovascular risk factors, you should limit animal protein. Try to focus more on plant-based protein sources, such as nuts and seeds.

Avoid trans fats, the type of fat that contributes to stroke. You can make it on cakes, cookies, microwave popcorn, quick meals, biscuits, and the like.

2. Sports

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