Overcome body balance disorders with traditional medicines, check here

English. Kupasonline. Com–Surely you are no stranger to conventional healing, right? Such as honey to heal injuries, cherries to treat vascular acid, COD fish oil to protect eye health, and various conventional herbs.

It has been in the era of their ancestors and healers who believed in the power of conventional healing. Currently, many researchers are trying to study the content and efficacy of various conventional drugs.

In the last 5 years, researchers have produced hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of conventional healing. However, it doesn’t really help. As a result, Mother can love the doctor first before consuming conventional or herbal medicines.

Next up on Popmama. com wants to discuss 30 conventional medicines that you can try to treat health problems for Kelvin Halim, S. Gz. there is a nutritionist Jovee. Let’s follow the article on this base!

1. Butter to treat aging spots Mothers from now on can forget about expensive creams and switch to butter products to deal with blotchy patches. The content of lactic acid and ascorbic acid in butter is more effective in removing age spots than the use of lactic acid found in skin creams.

The method of use is to apply butter on the aging spots on the face with a cotton swab, then rinse with clean water after 20 minutes.

2. Vitamin C to overcome allergies

Vitamin C is not only good for avoiding colds, but as an efficient natural antihistamine for dealing with allergies. Researchers suggest mothers to get 2g or a day of Vitamin C from food or supplements.

3. Comfrey plants to treat back pain

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