The characteristics of a brain tumor that you need to be aware of, the treatment can be surgery

brain tumor

A brain tumor is a situation where there is a mass or abnormal cell development in your brain.

It causes symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and speech difficulties and keeps the body balanced.

Unfortunately, signs of brain tumors are often ignored until they grow into cancer.

Neurosurgery expert Gene Barnett also says there are various characteristics of brain tumors that we should be aware of.

“Brain tumors can appear with many different characteristics and signs, depending on where they are located,” he added.

Brain tumor cues

There are various factors that cause symptoms in patients with brain tumors, including the location of the tumor and the size of the tumor.

However, there are early signs that address the presence of a brain tumor. Next is the sign:

1. Seizures

Tumors that form in the brain can make neurons in that zone very active. This is what causes tension.

2. Cognitive shrinkage

Tumors in the brain can also cause cognitive declines such as indecision, difficulty dividing simple numbers, or forgetfulness.

3. Change of character or behavior

The growth of tumors can also cause changes in character or attitude.

For example, people who previously had narration turned into gloomy people or people who were quiet became more talkative.

4. Vision problems

Tumors that develop in the zone of the brain that controls vision can affect your vision.

This can make the view lift, double, or even disappear.

5. Headache

Headaches due to brain tumors usually last for a long time. Moreover, the headache often causes nausea and vomiting in the morning.

The method of healing is surgery. Brain tumor surgery with fluorescence is a method of brain tumor surgery using a special dye solution that can characterize the tumor. This method is intended to facilitate the way the tumor is raised.

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