How to Make Papeda Typical of Papua

KUPASONLINE.COM — Papeda is a food made from sago mixed with warm water. The texture is thick and sticky like glue. The taste itself is bland, but it’s delicious when served with yellow sauce fish.

Papeda is a typical Papuan food, but in several other areas there are foods similar to papeda with different names. Call it the typical South Sulawesi food, lime. The difference between the two is only in the presentation of papeda. Papuan people serve papeda directly on the bowl, while lime is served in the form of small balls.

Now. Are you curious about papeda recipes? If you want to know, just look at the full recipe below, OK?

How to Make Papeda

How to make papeda is very easy, you even only need two ingredients. Without further ado, let’s practice the papeda recipe below, which is quoted from Ratu Rachman’s YouTube.

How to Make Papeda
Here’s how to make papeda which is really delicious to eat with yellow sauce fish, the taste will definitely make you addicted.
boiled water
Sago flush with boiled water, stir well then strain and let stand for 10 minutes.
Discard the water on the sago and leave the sago that settles.
Flush the sago that has settled with hot water while stirring the sago quickly.
Keep stirring until the color turns clear and thickens.
Form papeda balls with chopsticks then serve with fish water in yellow sauce or other fish sauce according to taste.
That was at the papeda making event, simple and practical, right? come on, don’t hesitate to try this recipe and serve it to your beloved family.(*)

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