Not Always Synonymous with the Mafia, 7 Unique and Charming Tourist Attractions in Russia!

KUPASONLINE.COM — Not always synonymous with the mafia, it turns out that a number of tourist attractions in Russia offer a different image that is beautiful and charming. What are you doing, roughly? Check it out through this article!

Friends 99, recommendations for tourist attractions in Russia are now more open after the 2018 World Cup.

Many football lovers at that time did not neglect the opportunity to spend time walking around a number of tourist areas.

Tourism in Russia has grown rapidly since the late Soviet era.

First are domestic tourists, then international tourists.

The main tourist destinations in Russia usually revolve around trips around the Golden Ring, trips on major rivers such as the Volga, and long-distance journeys such as the Trans-Siberian Railway.

As of 2013, Russia has received 28.4 million tourists.

This makes Russia the 9th most visited country in the world and 7th in Europe.

There are tourist attractions in Russia that are very interesting, such as:

Red Square
Hermitage Museum
Wooden Church
Moscow Metro
St. Cathedral Basil
Bolshoi Theatre
Check out the full explanation below.

7 Tourist Attractions in Russia that are Unique and Charming

1. Kremlin
Based on an explanation from the official website of the Russian government, the Kremlin is a historic fortress in the center of Moscow that was built of bricks in the 15th century.

The Kremlin is bordered by the Moscow River to the south, St. Basil Cathedral and Red Square to the east, and Alexander’s Garden to the west.

The Kremlin walls are over 2 km long, while they are up to 19 m high, 3.5 – 6.5 m wide, and 27.5 ha wide.

The Kremlin has 20 towers, the most famous of which is called Spasskaya.

The Spasskaya Tower is 67.3 m high and the clock is 6 m in diameter.

The Kremlin fortress doesn’t just stand plain, it has relics like churches with the burial places of Russia’s previous tsars.

There is also an armory where various heirlooms, including chariots, crowns, clothes, jewelery and weapons still in the tsar’s possession, are housed.

The Kremlin is known as the residence of the Russian tsars in his time and is now the president’s office.

The courtyard in front of the church around the Kremlin was used as a place for coronation ceremonies for kings and is now the site for presidential inauguration.

Around the field, there are cannons made of 16th century bronze weighing 40 tons, 5 m long.

If fired, how powerful would it be, Friends 99?

Coupled with a large bell made in the 18th century weighing 200 tons, 6 m high and 6.6 m in diameter, the Kremlin still looks dashing and unique today.

The Kremlin tops the list, along with the White House and Buckingham Palace as one of the world’s largest official residences.

2. Red Square

Satisfied with seeing the Kremlin, now is the time to move on to Red Square or can be interpreted as Red Square.

Red Square is the site of ceremonies, celebrations and military parades initiated by the Soviet Union, then continued by the Russian Federation.

In the vicinity of Red Square, there is the Museum of History of the Soviet Union and St. Basil’s Cathedral which were built in the XIV century, at the same time as the fall of Kazan.

Do not forget that there is the Lenin Mausoleum, where the preserved body of Vladimir Lenin resides.

One unique feature of Red Square is its color.

In accordance with the name Red Square, this area is painted red so that it gives a different impression.

Please note that Red Square is in the heart of the city.

After arriving at Red Square, you can reach nearby recommended places.

Together with the Kremlin in 1990, Red Square became the first site in Russia to be included by UNESCO on the world heritage list.

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