5 Characteristics of Thai Culture that You Must Know Before Visiting

KUPASONLINE.COM — Culture is a way of life that develops and is shared by a group of people and is passed down from generation to generation. Culture is also an inseparable part of human beings so that many people tend to think that it is genetically inherited. And every country has a variety of cultures and has its own characteristics.

One of the Southeast Asian countries that has a hereditary culture from their ancestors is Thailand. Here are some kinds of Thai culture that are characteristic of this White Elephant country and that attract the attention of tourists visiting the country there.

1. Adhering to a belief or religion strongly

The majority religion in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism with minorities from Muslim, Christian and other faiths. Buddhism in Thailand is heavily influenced by traditional beliefs about ancestral spirits and nature spirits.

Mystical yet unique things that can be found in public places and on the streets of Thailand are miniature wooden houses that are intended as a place for household spirits to live. This miniature house is given food and drink offerings to make the spirits happy because according to their belief if the spirits are not happy, then the spirits can disrupt their lives.

2. Wai or welcoming speech

The welcoming greeting in Thailand is a gesture called ”Wai” whose movement is similar to the prayer gesture (both hands are cupped).

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