The Best Way To Attract Women’s Hearts

The Best Way To Attract Women's Hearts

The Best Way To Attract Women’s Hearts

1. Be Casual.
Women are sometimes more aggressive than men, therefore men are recommended to have high flexibility. Call immediately when you have got the phone number, women don’t like to wait long. Quickly do not be late.

2. Make a move.
When women don’t have time to judge the criteria that are in them, therein lies the advantage. You can do ‘attraction’ show as if your personality is what he is looking for. Treat him with simple compliments about his physical appearance.

3. Make her earn it.
Appreciation is a useful loophole to attract women. He will appreciate you when you act like you are. He will be annoyed if one day he finds something wrong with you later.
4. Be unpredictable.
What men may often do is common knowledge for women. You have to rack your brain by giving small surprises outside of the usual. For example, invite dinner on the roof of your house, etc.

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