The Best Way To Attract Women’s Hearts

The Best Way To Attract Women's Hearts

The Best Way To Attract Women’s Hearts

1. Be Casual.
Women are sometimes more aggressive than men, therefore men are recommended to have high flexibility. Call immediately when you have got the phone number, women don’t like to wait long. Quickly do not be late.

2. Make a move.
When women don’t have time to judge the criteria that are in them, therein lies the advantage. You can do ‘attraction’ show as if your personality is what he is looking for. Treat him with simple compliments about his physical appearance.

3. Make her earn it.
Appreciation is a useful loophole to attract women. He will appreciate you when you act like you are. He will be annoyed if one day he finds something wrong with you later.
4. Be unpredictable.
What men may often do is common knowledge for women. You have to rack your brain by giving small surprises outside of the usual. For example, invite dinner on the roof of your house, etc.

5. Have a life.
One of the most favored by women where men have had a good life. Live straight with a variety of positive activities and show that women are not the only target of this life. That way women will consider it special.

6. Be mysterious.
Many men make the mistake of revealing who they are to the woman they are courting. Be a mysterious man. For a woman to be fooled by your appearance, when she asks what type of vehicle you are, you immediately answer “I only ride a shabby motorbike”, even though at the end there is waiting for your personal driver. Women not only admire your character but your sense of humor is also the main attraction.
7. Be cool.
Show your busyness in front of him but don’t pretend to be busy. Answer moderately when he calls on the phone. The ladies will be curious about that personality of yours. I have never seen that you’re chasing him.

8. Be chivalrous.
Looking polite is an attraction for women to know that you are the man they are looking for. Opening the door and inviting a seat is a general requirement that you must take. Show that you care and say that this is a part of you. He will be surprised and amazed.
9.Stay in control.
When having dinner together, you as a man still do it calmly, don’t have excessive attractions that will actually make the event chaotic. Stay focused on the event you do.

10. Be original.
Maybe you already have a history of first impressions of dinner. But no matter what happens, you have to be yourself, don’t force anything, let alone look like you’re borrowing your colleague’s property. Be what you are.




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