How to make your body fat in no time

How to make your body fat in no time
How to make your body fat in no time

English. Kupasonline–Having a fat body is sometimes an obstacle for some people. Because many people think that beauty must be thin.

In fact, that opinion is a misguided opinion, all women are actually beautiful, including women who have a fat body. A fat body is better than a thin body because a thin body can make bones brittle quickly.

While the fat body has enough fat to make the hormone estrogen work optimally to protect bones from brittleness.

For a woman who is pregnant, it will be better if she is fat because it is said that thin women will experience a difficult process when giving birth later.

Therefore, beauty does not always have to be thin because beauty cannot be measured from the outer appearance and weight of a person alone.

Today many people try all kinds of ways to get a fat body. Starting from doing simple ways by relying on traditional ways to doing it by taking various kinds of special supplements.

Here are some tips to get fat fast in just 1 week that you can try yourself from now on.

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