How to make your body fat in no time

How to make your body fat in no time
How to make your body fat in no time

English. Kupasonline–Having a fat body is sometimes an obstacle for some people. Because many people think that beauty must be thin.

In fact, that opinion is a misguided opinion, all women are actually beautiful, including women who have a fat body. A fat body is better than a thin body because a thin body can make bones brittle quickly.

While the fat body has enough fat to make the hormone estrogen work optimally to protect bones from brittleness.

For a woman who is pregnant, it will be better if she is fat because it is said that thin women will experience a difficult process when giving birth later.

Therefore, beauty does not always have to be thin because beauty cannot be measured from the outer appearance and weight of a person alone.

Today many people try all kinds of ways to get a fat body. Starting from doing simple ways by relying on traditional ways to doing it by taking various kinds of special supplements.

Here are some tips to get fat fast in just 1 week that you can try yourself from now on.

Eat regularly
To get a fat body, you are required to consume food regularly because of a lack of intake
food or irregular eating patterns can make the body thin.

Never skip meals so that it is easier for the body to adjust to a regular diet and impact weight gain on your body.

In addition, never avoid dinner and you can consume food before or before your bedtime.

This is usually avoided by people who want a thin body but this should be done for those of you who want to gain weight quickly.

Increase Meal Portions
Be sure to increase the portion of your meal to speed up weight gain.

If you usually eat 2-3 times a day then eat 5-6 times a day. But not all at once in large portions, divide the portion of food sufficiently when it is time to eat.

Never skip dinner and try to always eat a snack or snack. This method is believed to be very fast to gain weight.

Drinking milk
Good news comes for those of you who like milk, drink milk at least 2 times a day so that the body becomes fat faster.

The protein content in milk can in fact help to build muscle tissue and the calcium content can strengthen bones so that in addition to quickly making body fat, milk is also very good for everyone’s health.

Choose the type of milk that contains full cream compared to milk that is high in calcium.

You can also consume foods that are processed from milk, such as cheese or ice cream because they have the same content as milk.

Cheese and ice cream also have a very delicious taste as well as milk. There are even some that are used as ingredients for fast fat drugs that you can consume.

Avoid staying up late and stress
To make the body become fatter then you are strictly forbidden to stay up late. The body requires adequate rest time and a maximum night’s sleep.

Often staying up late will make it difficult for the body to gain weight because energy is drained to keep the body in a state of being awake.

In addition, make sure you don’t stress because stress makes your condition and weight decrease. Energy will also be greatly drained, therefore make sure to live happily so that you are far away and avoid the stress that lurks. (*)

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