Already Know? Here Are 7 Mandatory Dishes During Chinese New Year

KUPASONLINE.COM — ChineseChinese New Year 2023
will be commemorated tomorrow. It turns out that there are 7 obligatory dishes available at the dining table when welcoming Chinese New Year. Anything?

Quoting, the Chinese New YearChinese New Year is not only reflected in the knick-knacks to welcome the Chinese New Year, but also to the dinner table. The Chinese New Year dinner is one of the traditions that is considered important in Chinese society.

The dinner procession is usually held at the residence of the oldest person, or the elders, in a large family. No less important, from the meal program is the arrangement of food served on the table. The mandatory menu includes fish, dumplings and basket cakes.

The food served on the dinner table during Chinese New Year is usually associated with success, progress, happiness and health (longevity). In this case, Chinese society is guided by the phonetic method, which is based on sounds, shapes and symbols and all their associations.

Compulsory Dishes for Chinese New Year:
1. FishFish
Fish menu, for example, in Mandarin fish is called yu. The sound yu here sounds similar to other Chinese vocabulary which means surplus, aka abundance of sustenance.

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