11 Comfortable and Cheap Hotels in NTT and Their Contact Numbers

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Recommended list of cheap hotels in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), which have strategic locations with overnight rates of less than IDR 300,000.

Check out the recommendations for cheap hotels in Sumba which will be reviewed based on addresses, facilities, and the closest destinations that can be reached easily.


1. Jemmy Hotels

jemmy hotels

Jemmy Hotel is located on Jalan Umbu Marahongu Matawai, Waingapu City, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

Rates for staying at Hotel Jemmy start from IDR 200,000.

There are many facilities offered by Jemmy Hotel, consisting of comfortable beds, bathrooms, parking areas, 24-hour room service, restaurants, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

The hotel’s location is close to several strategic places, starting from Umbu Rara Meha Hospital, Londa Lima Beach, Waingapu Airport (WGP), and Brotherhood Hill.

Contact number: +62 387 62747

2. Brenton Hotel

brenton hotel

This hotel, which is located on Jalan Timor Raya KM 9 Oesapa, Kupang, NTT, only charges 114 thousand to 162 thousand, depending on the facilities you choose. Of course, there are some comfortable facilities that you can enjoy, such as fans, bathrooms with showers, and comfortable and clean beds.

The location of the Brenton Hotel is also quite strategic. The reason is, this hotel is also close to several tourist sites. Call it, Oesapa Beach, Nostalgia Park, and Lousiana Beach.

3. Hotel Mustika Fatuleu

hotel mustika

This cheap hotel in Kupang, NTT is located at Jalan Gunung Kelimutu No. 1, Merdeka Village, Kota Lama District, Maufala, Kupang. To be able to stay at this hotel, you only spend from 126 thousand to 248 thousand. Of course, the price depends on the facilities you choose.

Even so, in one room you can already enjoy a comfortable bed, a large parking area, a fan, a television, and laundry service. This hotel is also quite close to Oesapa Beach and Nostalgia Park.

Contact number : (0380) 824518

4. Hotel Brenton 2 Yotowawa

brenton yototawa

The hotel which is located at Jalam Pharmacy No. 10 Oesapa Selatan, Kelapa Lima, Kupang only charges 127 thousand to 183 thousand per night. As for some of the facilities provided by this hotel, namely free breakfast, comfortable beds, bathroom with shower, fan, cupboard, and parking area.

Hotel Brenton 2 Yotowawa is a hotel that is quite cool and beautiful. The reason is, this hotel has lots of plants in the front of the hotel. Apart from that, you can visit Oesapa Beach and Lousiana Beach because these hotels are indeed quite close to these tourist attractions.

5. Laguna Inn Hotel

This cheap hotel in Kupang, NTT only offers rates starting from 198 thousand per night. The hotel, which is located on Jalan Gunung Kalimutu No. 36 Merdeka, Kota Lama, Kupan also offers adequate facilities for a range of cheap hotels in Kupang. Starting from comfortable and clean beds, bathrooms, fans, parking lots, and much more. Not only that, but this hotel is also close to a shopping center, namely Lippo Plaza Fatululli. So, you can hunt for souvenirs typical of Kupang. Not to forget, Oebananta Temple, Oesapa Beach, Kupang Harbor, and Lousiana Beach are also close to this one hotel.

6. Sahid T-More Hotel & Lounge Kupang

This hotel, which is located on Jalan Piet A Tallo, Oesapa Selatan, Kupang, offers beautiful views that go straight to the sea. In fact, Sahid T-More Hotel & Lounge Kupang is one of the cheap hotels in Kupang with quality facilities. You can enjoy coffee corner facilities, a spa and business center, meeting rooms, wifi, and a bakery.

This hotel comes with a new concept and emphasizes the beauty of the city of Kupang. No doubt, this hotel is the right hotel for you who really want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Kupang which is quite alluring. To be able to stay at Sahid T-More Hotel & Lounge Kupang, you have to pay a starting rate of 350 thousand rupiahs. Certainly, this hotel is close to Lousiana Beach and Oesapa Beach.

Contact number : +(62) 380 881555
Fax : +(62) 0380 881200

7. Dena Hotel Kupang

This cheap hotel in Kupang, NTT is located on Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Pasar Inpres, Kupang. This hotel offers simplicity and warmth so as to provide a comfortable family stay like at home. No wonder Dena Hotel Kupang is one of the hotels that are quite proud of and in great demand.

Certainly, Dena Hotel Kupang provides comfort during your stay that you will never forget. In addition, this hotel offers 10 rooms that you can choose complete with the facilities provided, such as cable TV, bathroom, free wifi, and toiletries. Other facilities that you can enjoy are room service, a restaurant, and a banquet hall.

To be able to stay at this hotel, you only need to pay from 170 thousand to 300 thousand. Of course, while in this hotel you can shop at the Presidential Instruction Market. Not to forget, there are Oehala Waterfall and Kolbano Beach which are close to this hotel.

8. Chrysant Homestay


This inn is a residence with a clean and comfortable atmosphere. This hotel is suitable for those of you who are on vacation in Kupang. The hotel is located at Jalan Antonov No. 27, West Baumata, Taebenu, Maulafa, Kupang is also located in a strategic place. You can visit Lousiana and Oesapa Beach which are indeed close to this hotel.

Chrysant Homestay offers free wifi in every room. In addition, there is room service and a restaurant. Rates for staying at Chrysant Homestay start from just 270 thousand.

9. Djafar Homestay


This cheap hotel in Kupang, NTT is located at Jalan Ade Irma 2 No. 5, Kupang. Not only cheap, but this hotel also has adequate facilities, namely a private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, and wifi in every room. Not only that, but Djafar Homestay is also close to several tourist destinations. Call it Lippo Plaza Fatululi, Oebananta Temple and Nostalgia Park. This hotel offers to-stay rates starting from just 155 thousand.

10. Villa De Kupang

Villa De Kupang is one of the hotels in Kupang that offers a natural feel. This hotel is located in the middle of the economic center of Kupang city, precisely at Jalan Cak Malaga No. 27, Foreign, Kupang. Villa De Kupang offers to stay rates starting from just 200 thousand per night. The existing facilities are also quite adequate, starting from cable TV, air conditioning, a private bathroom, and free wifi in each room.

Apart from that, you can relax in a coffee shop that serves delicious local coffee. There are also lots of snacks. Not to forget, Villa De Kupang is close to the Oebananta Temple and Lippo Plaza Fatululi.

Contact number : 0811-383-741

11. Madagascar Hotels

This cheap hotel in Kupang, NTT only charges starting from 230 thousand per night. Madagascar Hotel is a comfortable and very affordable hotel. Located in a strategic place, namely Jalan Perintis Kemerdekan III, Kelapa Lima, Kupang. This hotel also offers professional and attentive service for your comfort while in Kupang.

Enjoy the various facilities provided, such as free Wi-Fi in each room, fitness area, restaurant, air conditioning, bathroom amenities, TV, and a comfortable bathroom.

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