4 Ways to Cook Wagyu Beef from a Chef at a Japanese Restaurant, Don’t Just Process It

KUPASONLINE.COM — Wagyu beef has recently become one of the people’s favorite choices because it has a large distribution of marbling, so it feels soft and tender when eaten.

Head Chef Central Kitchen at premium bento restaurant Hotaru Deli Saukon Faizah said that the way to cook wagyu beef is not the same as ordinary beef.

“Wagyu is known as expensive meat, so the cooking method must be correct and not random,” he said

Faizah said that if you want to cook wagyu beef at home, there are at least four things you need to pay attention to.

1. Leave it overnight in the chiller

Wagyu beef that is still frozen should be left in the refrigerator overnight before processing. This is done to get rid of the ice grains that cover the meat.

“Don’t aerate it, just leave it in the chiller overnight before processing it,” he said.

2. Do not cook over high heat

The soft texture of the meat and quite a lot of marbling requires the right cooking technique.

“Don’t just cook the meat, it can’t be used on high heat,” said Faizah.

Faizah suggests cooking wagyu beef using low or medium heat, both for boiled meat and grilled meat.

3. Don’t cook too long Faizah said that the time needed to cook the wagyu beef is quite short so the meat isn’t tough.

“The cooking process tends to take a while, for example when making sukiyaki, if the meat has changed color, it is immediately removed,” he said.

4. No need to marinate Good quality meat will taste delicious even without the marinade. This also applies to wagyu beef. “If wagyu doesn’t need to be marinated, just process it because it’s already delicious,” concluded Faizah. (*)

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