Can Eating Eggs Increase Cholesterol? Check out the Facts

KUPASONLINE.COM — Some people may still question whether eating eggs can increase cholesterol? Eggs are a source of protein intake and offer a number of beneficial nutrients for the body.

Even though it is considered healthy, some people avoid eating eggs in a certain amount so that their cholesterol is controlled. So, is it true that eggs can trigger high cholesterol? For more details, try to see the following review.

Several studies have found facts related to the consumption of chicken eggs (food commonly consumed by the public) and heart disease. Heart disease is very closely related to bad cholesterol levels in the blood which can trigger plaque formation in blood vessels.

Even though this savory-tasting food offers enough important nutrients that are good for the health of the body.

However, one thing to realize is that the trigger for cholesterol to rise is not just eating eggs. There are a number of habits or other factors that make eggs seem like a bad food for heart health. According to the Cleveland Clinic page, here are a number of facts that are the reason cholesterol rises after consuming eggs.

1. Facts about eggs and their cholesterol levels. In order to prevent heart disease from high cholesterol, health experts recommend that we limit our intake of cholesterol as little as possible.

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