8 Tourist Attractions You Must Visit in Europe

KUPASONLINE.COM — It is common knowledge that Europe is a place that offers many amazing tourist attractions, especially for couples. For couples, visiting romantic tourist attractions in Europe is a way to improve relationships and also enjoy relaxing time alone together.

Europe has many historic sites, medieval cities, stunning beaches, incredible natural landscapes and fantastic food. There are so many tourist attractions in Europe that are perfect for your romantic getaway.

If you are looking for romantic tourist attractions in Europe, here are some places you can visit:

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

The first time you set foot here, you will imagine that you are in a fairy tale. You can find unique authentic Eastern European buildings in this country. In addition, there are many spots for interesting photos. When you are on the bridge, you can see views of the buildings on the riverbank and a castle building called Prague Castle on the hill. This bridge does connect the Old Town Square with Prague Castle.

At Charles Bridge, there are 30 authentic statues and beautiful lights. There are towers at each end of the bridge, adding to the impression that you are walking in the palace area. Apart from Charles Bridge, you can also visit several other tourist attractions, such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Wallenstein Palace, Wenceslas Square, and other interesting places.

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Greece (Greece) is a country that is known as the country of the gods. In ancient Greek civilization, the Greek people believed that their gods and goddesses were in families and sometimes fought to maintain their respective powers. So, don’t be surprised if you will find many ancient buildings left by the gods in Greece. One of the locations that must be visited in Greece is the Acropolis, an ancient building located in the city of Athens, the capital of Greece. The Acropolis is a testament to the glory of Athens in its time and is registered as a cultural heritage site at UNESCO.

Apart from that, you can see the Parthenon which was built in 440 BC. Historically, the Parthenon has been used as a God’s temple, church and even a mosque. From here you can also enjoy views of the city of Athens, which is dominated by white buildings. Not only the Acropolis, in Athens you can also visit other places such as the Hellenic Motor Museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Temple of Hephaestus, Agora, Archaeological Museum, Plaka and so on.

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