5 Hotels with the Best Views in Switzerland, a Sultan’s Staycation!

KUPASONLINE.COM — Apart from offering stunning natural scenery surrounded by mountains and lakes, Switzerland is also able to create an interesting staycation experience every winter and summer, complemented by various interesting activities such as visiting typical Alpine villages, ski resorts and meadow areas. you know!

You can find large glaciers, mountain peaks, and lake views easily by traveling on foot or by train.

To enjoy this experience, Switzerland offers a wide selection of hotels that are able to show every corner of the enchanting city. Come on, see which hotels with the best views in Switzerland!

1. Hotel Villa Honegg

Hotel Villa Honegg is located along Lake Lucerne which is surrounded by mountains, creating an atmosphere of comfortable and serene stay. In fact, this hotel, which has an Art Noveau-style building architecture, offers a variety of luxurious facilities such as a private cinema, gym, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Apart from enjoying the enchanting natural scenery, you can also do various interesting activities such as riding a mountain bike and swimming in a swimming pool accompanied by a stunning sunset panorama when visiting this hotel which is located in a 20th century building.

2. The Dolder Grand

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