Here are The Fun Activities You Can Try During Winter in South Korea

Here the fun activity you must try during the winter in South Korea
Here the fun activity you must try during the winter in South Korea

ENGLISH.KUPASONLINE.COM-–Winter is still taking place in northern hemisphere countries, one of which is South Korea. Instead of being enthusiastic, some local residents usually choose to stay at home during the winter, because the temperature outside is very cold and makes their skin dry.

Winter in Korea can be an alternative vacation for those of you who want to feel the exotic snow in most tourist attractions. For the people of the tropics, especially Indonesia, having a vacation in winter or snow in another country is everyone’s dream. So, for those of you who want to play in the snow and feel the winter, South Korea can be a travel recommendation for you.

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The average winter temperature in Korea can reach -10 to 5 degrees from December to February. So, you have to prepare for winter needs before flying to this country. Many people are still hesitant to visit during Korea’s winter, as the temperatures can be severe.

However, for travelers from a two-season country like you, this is the right moment to enjoy winter in South Korea.

Winter is still going on in northern hemisphere countries, one of which is South Korea. Instead of being enthusiastic, some local residents usually choose to stay at home during the winter, because the temperature outside is very cold and makes their skin dry.

However, for travelers from a two-season country like you, this is the right moment to enjoy winter in South Korea.

1. Eat winter street food

You can find street food all year round in South Korea. However, it turns out that there are some Korean snacks that only appear in winter. Call it sweet potatoes or baked sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

Compared to hotteok and tteokbokki, this sweet and spicy snack is somewhat healthier because it uses less salt, sugar, and oil. The price is also pocket friendly.

You can buy these typical winter snacks along street corners, subway exits, and old districts in Seoul, such as Jongno, Jonggak, and Insadong.

2. Go snowboarding at Snow Busters, Everland

If you have ever visited Trans Snow World in Bekasi, then the Snow Buster at Everland theme park is the outdoor version and of course offers real snow, not artificial.

Activities that you can do at Snow Buster are sledding or sledding. You will be invited to climb a slope, then slide from the top of the slope using a sled.

To return to the top of the slope, you don’t need to be tired of walking from the bottom because now there is a tube lift available. The fun thing is, the Snow Buster’s entrance ticket is free because it includes the entrance ticket to the Everland theme park.

3. Ski to your heart’s content

When else to ski in South Korea? There are many exciting spots for skiing in this country, one of which is Bears Town Ski Resort. This resort is predicted to be the biggest ski resort near Seoul, you know.

There are about eleven slopes that you can try to ski. You can try it between 09.00-16.30 and 18.30-04.00 local time. For those of you who have never skied before, you don’t need to worry because ski training packages are available here.

4. Grevin Wax Museum

You can visit this wax museum or Grevin Wax Museum when you are confused about determining your winter destination in Korea. This tourist spot can also warm your body because you can meet many of your favorite idols here. Grevin Wax Museum is located in Seoul City Hall Euljiro is a special tourist attraction for fans of Korean dramas and idols. Not only within the scope of Ginseng Country, but this museum also exhibits wax statues of world-class celebrities and even historical figures and global politicians.

Bright enough lighting can help you take beautiful photos with the idol you desire. To get there you can use Seoul Subway Line 2, then get off at Euljiro-1 and exit at Exit 1-1. Remember, the Grevin Wax Museum is open every day from 10 am-6 pm.

5. MBC World

There’s nothing wrong with spending your winter holidays in Korea visiting one of the biggest TV stations, MBC. This entertainment venue offers photo spots and dives into the world of Ginseng Country broadcasting. You can try the profession of being a television announcer or acting like a Korean artist, even those of you who like dancing can also learn K-Pop style dance.

If you are lucky, maybe you can meet your favorite artist here! One of the tips for meeting idols is that you have to know their shooting schedule, who knows if there’s a shooting schedule at MBC that allows you to meet DOI? Interested in visiting? You can go to MBC World by using the Airport Railroad Express Line, then get off at Digital Media City Station Exit 9. MBC World is open every day from 9 am-6 pm.

6. Seoul Plaza

season want to be in Korea, it’s time to invite your partner or family to play in the snow. Even though there is already a lot of ice skating in Indonesian malls, playing ice skating outdoors and feeling the raindrops is an unforgettable experience. Those of you who are on vacation to Korea in winter, especially near Christmas, will be spoiled with amazing ice-skating ring decorations.

Actually, there are many places in Seoul that are perfect for playing outdoor ice skating, for example at the Grand Hyatt, Itaewon, or the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu. But the most visited now is Ice Skating at Seoul Plaza. You can enjoy ice skating with friends or family. This place also provides complete equipment including gloves. Tips for saving money you can do is visit Seoul Plaza on the first day because you can try ice skating for free. For beginner players, don’t worry, there is also a special ice skating ring here to learn the basics of this game.

7. Garden of Morning Calm

Traveling in winter in Korea is fun. In winter, many interesting festivals are held, one of which is the Lightning Festival at the Garden of Morning Calm. During the festival, this tourist spot will be transformed in such a way that it looks so amazing. Every side and corner of the garden is decorated with twinkling lights, as well as trees that will light up like a fairy tale. The favorite of tourists when visiting this place is the stunning tunnel of lights in gold and pink colors. If you want to visit, choose the right time around the afternoon.

8. Dongdaemun Design Plaza

During winter in Korea, you can take a walk behind Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Here you will be presented with a view of 20,000 LED flowers that light up beautifully at night. You can enjoy this romantic atmosphere with your partner. Don’t forget to bring a cup of hot cocoa while enjoying the beauty of the LED flowers.

9. N Seoul Tower

Vacation to South Korea will not be complete if you haven’t visited the N Seoul Tower. From the top of the N Seoul Tower, you will see a view of the entire city that is so beautiful, especially at night when the city lights start to turn on. Feels like being in a charming fairyland!

You can come to this tourist attraction in the afternoon, and watch the time change from when it is still light tonight. Invite your partner to write their name on the love padlock which is a favorite activity for tourists when visiting the N-Seoul Tower. Additional information, the N Seoul Tower observatory deck is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm.

10. Bukchon Hanok Village

You must visit this traditional village located in downtown Seoul while on vacation in South Korea. Bukchon Village is famous for Hanok, which are traditional Korean houses. Not only taking pictures using Hanbok but when winter comes try exciting activities by going around the village using a rickshaw. These pedicabs also provide hot packs and blankets that you can use if you feel cold while exploring Bukchon.

By going around using a rickshaw you will be taken to hidden places that not many tourists know about. You also don’t need to worry because the rickshaw guide can speak English. So, enjoy walking around the Hanok village for about 1.5 hours with traditional transportation.

11. Nami Island

Nami Island is one of the tourist destinations that you shouldn’t miss while on vacation to Ginseng Country. Coming to Nami Island during winter in Korea is the right time. Because in this season, Nami Island is not too crowded with visitors. You can freely take pictures at instagramable spots without having to stand in long queues. You are also free to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nami Island. Besides taking pictures at the iconic Nami spots, try to take a Zipline ride through the frozen waters and across the 940-meter-long exotic trail.

12. Everland

Everland is one of the theme parks that you shouldn’t miss when visiting South Korea. This playground has many exciting rides that you can try. You can come during certain seasons because every year Everland always hosts various cultural festivals.
The most popular rides in Everland are Zootopia and T-Express, which is a wooden roller coaster. When you are going to ride this vehicle, don’t forget to wear a thick jacket to keep your body temperature normal.

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