A Powerful Way So You Don’t Hurt Your Lover Rejected!

A Powerful Way To Not Hurt Your Lover’s Rejection—Friend, if you’ve ever been hurt by your crush’s rejection, then this is a special article for you. Before reading, put aside all activities to cool your mind. Sit back and relax, while lying down you can.

Already? Now imagine yesterday when you were with your crush. Every day, your smartphone always beeps a message or a call from him. It was you who greeted him first, but after that he himself told about his daily activities. You try to be a good listener.

You feed him with advice and motivational words to encourage him. In your heart, you pray that he sees you as a caring and loving person. Not only over the phone, you two often spend time together. It doesn’t count how many movies you’ve watched, the amusement rides you’ve tried, and the cafes you’ve visited. You always go home with a big laugh together.

You love him to death and believe he loves you too. It’s still clearly etched in your memory, it was exactly 12 o’clock in the evening before Valentine’s Day.

You know he’s been wanting the latest iPhone for a long time. So far you have set aside some of your salary to buy him an iPhone. That expensive thing is now in hand. You’ve wrapped it in wrapping paper as beautifully as possible.

You even tuck a rose in the ribbon. You are sure this will be the best gift for him! But you don’t want to just give him a gift, there’s another plan behind it. At night you come to his house.

You call him: “I’m in front of your house, come out. I want to give you something.” He opened the door. Your hands trembled as you gave him a present. “This is for you. It’s open now. Happy Valentines!” You won’t forget his happy face when you know the contents of the gift. He hugs you tight.

“Thank you so much!” he exclaimed. As he hugs you, you whisper in his ear. “I’ve loved you for a long time. Will you be my lover?” He let go of the hug. His smile disappeared. “You’re the best person I’ve ever known,” he said sobbing. “But an hour ago, XYZ shot me and I accepted. Forgive me.” At that time, your heart was torn. Who is this XYZ? Why did he accept the invitation? What the… Even though your heart is bleeding, you try to smile. “Nothing.

Thats your choice.” You came home with tears in your eyes. You slammed the bedroom door. Your mind is thinking about yesterday’s togetherness. “Yesterday we still had lunch together! Yesterday we played Among Us together! That period means nothing to you!” you shouted.

The night that was supposed to be full of love turned out to be full of misery. Well, now take a tissue and wipe your tears mate. Rejection hurts because of one factor: You invest a lot of thought, effort, and money in him, but he doesn’t invest back. As a result, you become hopeful, passionately sure that he will accept your love. So when he refused, it was natural that the pain in his chest opened. So, so that it doesn’t hurt to be rejected by your crush, then stop investing too much in him. It’s okay to buy him a gift or something, but you don’t have to make a special sacrifice for him.

Remember, he’s a new crush, not your girlfriend or wife. Listening to all his stories, buying him expensive gifts, always there when he needs it, will indeed ignite the fire of love in his heart BUT when he is a partner. If not, at least it’s just wind, because there’s no fire! So that you don’t focus on investing in one crush, then you must have multiple crushes.

This concept was first taught in HS Online Training and you won’t find it anywhere. If you have multiple crushes, then your focus will be divided on many women. It’s okay to be rejected, there are other crushes you can have fun with. Later you can choose which crush to invest back in.

If he’s invested as much as you, there’s a good chance he’ll want to be your girlfriend! See you at HS Online Training, where men invest for themselves, not for their crush.(*)

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