A Powerful Way So You Don’t Hurt Your Lover Rejected!

A Powerful Way To Not Hurt Your Lover’s Rejection—Friend, if you’ve ever been hurt by your crush’s rejection, then this is a special article for you. Before reading, put aside all activities to cool your mind. Sit back and relax, while lying down you can.

Already? Now imagine yesterday when you were with your crush. Every day, your smartphone always beeps a message or a call from him. It was you who greeted him first, but after that he himself told about his daily activities. You try to be a good listener.

You feed him with advice and motivational words to encourage him. In your heart, you pray that he sees you as a caring and loving person. Not only over the phone, you two often spend time together. It doesn’t count how many movies you’ve watched, the amusement rides you’ve tried, and the cafes you’ve visited. You always go home with a big laugh together.

You love him to death and believe he loves you too. It’s still clearly etched in your memory, it was exactly 12 o’clock in the evening before Valentine’s Day.

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