Feeling Introverted? What is an Introvert and How to Hang Out

Feeling Introverted? What is an Introvert and How to Hang Out — For some people, socializing is a fun activity. You can meet many people, talk about various things, laugh at funny events, and so on. However, this is not the case for introverts. Hanging out with many people tends to tire him out because he is used to spending time alone rather than with other people. If you feel introverted, you definitely feel that way.

What are introverts? You may still not know what an introvert is. Quoting from Satupersen.net, an introvert is someone who has an introversion personality type. They are usually known as someone who is more focused on their inner thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than focusing on things outside of themselves.

Introversion was introduced by Carl Jung, an originator of psychoanalysis in his big five theory of personality. This personality type has the opposite word, namely extraversion; someone who is known to have an open, sociable, fun, and enthusiastic nature when meeting new people.

Everyone has different levels of introversion and extraversion. Their ways of recharging their energy are also different. For introverts, they tend to recharge when they are alone. On the other hand, for an extrovert, meeting other people can increase their enthusiasm.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that because everyone has their own way. This tendency to focus on yourself is what often makes it difficult for introverts to get along well with other people.

Though introverts do not mean anti-social; they also have a desire to interact with other people just not as enthusiastic as extroverts. Introverts can easily get along with other people by using ways that suit their personality.

There are several myths about introverts that are wrong.
1. Introverts Are Afraid of Risk Because they prefer to be alone and often refuse to be invited to have fun with others, introverts are often judged to be afraid of risk.

This is clearly not true. They only consider what the activity will do for them. Of course they dare to take risks in other fields that other people rarely know.

2. Introverts are quiet to everyone The reality is not. Once you get to know an introvert, he or she will talk a lot just like most people. He just chooses anyone who is really nice to talk to.

3. Introverts are hard to get along with extroverts As long as both parties understand and respect each other’s likes and dislikes, then they can still get along. Even become friends or partners.

4. Introverts Hate Socializing Introverts are normal human beings who are social creatures. They also socialize, but more to people and the environment they are familiar with. Fun Ways to Hang Out for Those of You Who Feel Introverted?

If you’re feeling introverted, don’t be afraid of not being able to get along with others. Just follow the 4 ways below and you can get along with just about anyone.

1. Interact With Only One Person Even In Crowds As mentioned above that introverts are people who focus on themselves and this makes it difficult for you to understand other people, especially if you have to interact with many people. The solution is simple: you can only interact with one person. This will make it easier for you to understand the other person’s intentions and feelings, while also making it easier for you to respond to them.

Even if you have to deal with a lot of people, you can focus on just the one person whose topic interests you the most. If they are talking at the same time, you can ask them to take turns talking. This will lighten the load of the conversation you receive.

2. Ask open-ended questions to get the other person to comment a lot introverts need to practice asking open-ended questions Two keys to being comfortable while chatting are showing interest in the other person and asking questions about what they are interested in. So early in the conversation, you should ask open-ended questions about them. If you don’t understand, open-ended questions are questions that can’t be answered by simply “Yes” or “No”. This question provokes the interlocutor to comment long.

For example: “What do you think about the movie Money Heist season 2 yesterday?” “Why do so many say Cyberpunk 2077 is bad?” “I heard you were learning Python. Why did you choose that programming language?” This is an easy way for introverts to participate actively without having to talk too much. So you save speech, energy, maintain engagement, and can focus on hearing the other person’s opinion.

3. Pause for a moment if you want to compose words introverts need to arrange words before speaking There are times when you want to convey more detailed information or put together words that are easier to understand, but aren’t ready to say it right away. In this situation, you can “buy time” by telling the other person that you need time to think. You can say like this: “Give me a minute, I’m digging in more detail what I want to say…” “Let me have a moment to think about it…” In an extrovert-oriented society, it is usually considered rude to remain silent and think in the middle of a conversation. However, by letting them know that you need a moment to think, you will definitely be allowed to pause and explore the information you are trying to convey.(*)

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