Feeling Introverted? What is an Introvert and How to Hang Out

Feeling Introverted? What is an Introvert and How to Hang Out — For some people, socializing is a fun activity. You can meet many people, talk about various things, laugh at funny events, and so on. However, this is not the case for introverts. Hanging out with many people tends to tire him out because he is used to spending time alone rather than with other people. If you feel introverted, you definitely feel that way.

What are introverts? You may still not know what an introvert is. Quoting from Satupersen.net, an introvert is someone who has an introversion personality type. They are usually known as someone who is more focused on their inner thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than focusing on things outside of themselves.

Introversion was introduced by Carl Jung, an originator of psychoanalysis in his big five theory of personality. This personality type has the opposite word, namely extraversion; someone who is known to have an open, sociable, fun, and enthusiastic nature when meeting new people.

Everyone has different levels of introversion and extraversion. Their ways of recharging their energy are also different. For introverts, they tend to recharge when they are alone. On the other hand, for an extrovert, meeting other people can increase their enthusiasm.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that because everyone has their own way. This tendency to focus on yourself is what often makes it difficult for introverts to get along well with other people.

Though introverts do not mean anti-social; they also have a desire to interact with other people just not as enthusiastic as extroverts. Introverts can easily get along with other people by using ways that suit their personality.

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