No need to diet, this is the ideal weight for teenage girls

KUPASONLINE.COM —When entering puberty, there will be many changes that occur in a woman’s body. Teenage girls will experience significant physical growth, including weight. Often, differences in body shape and height for each woman make it difficult to determine the ideal weight for a teenage girl.

Even so, you can still calculate your daughter’s ideal weight range and maintain a healthy weight. As quoted from, the list of average ideal body weight for teenage girls aged 13 years ranges from 34-60 kg, for 14 years around 37-65 kg, and for 15 years around 40-68 kg. Of course this depends on the height of each young woman herself.

Body mass index is often also a measure of determining ideal body weight, and you can also use this BMI formula to determine whether your daughter’s weight is ideal or not. To calculate the ideal body weight for teenage girls, you can subtract 100 from your height, then multiply the result by 90%.

However, you also don’t need to worry if your weight does not match the BMI calculation because this formula calculation can be a relative number, depending on how much muscle and fat each teenage girl has, because muscle mass is heavier than fat. In other words, it could be that a girl’s body is heavy because it has more muscle than fat. And this is a healthier weight than excess fat and less muscle.

But of course a teenage girl will have more fat to build the chest and buttocks because they are still growing. Just make sure their nutritional intake is good by increasing healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit and reducing fatty foods.(*)

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