Tips on How to Choose a Good and Right Boyfriend

KUPASONLINE.COM — Everyone certainly wants to have a good, loyal and polite boyfriend. This is because the courtship stage is sometimes a stepping stone to a more serious level, namely marriage. But not a few are also met with their soul mate without going through the courtship stage, they only know each other then become friends and decide to get married. So, if you want your courtship to go to the next stage, make sure you choose the right boyfriend. Most of us are trapped and unaware that our partner is not as good as we think. The problem is, sometimes everyone falls in love at first sight or just seeing his beautiful and handsome physique, he immediately falls in love. Even though beautiful and handsome are relative and what is certain, beautiful and handsome from within is very necessary compared to physical beauty. Choosing a good and right partner is very necessary if your dream is to make a boyfriend as your life partner, so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time just to have a love relationship that is not serious. So, here’s how to choose a good and right partner, so that your courtship is not in vain:

1. See Appearance

Even though appearance isn’t everything, at least you have to choose a boyfriend who can maintain his appearance, especially in public. The appearance here is to look polite, neat, and smell good. If your partner looks neat and smells good, you won’t be happy either, right?

2. His character and attitude

Pay attention to his daily behavior, also pay attention to his character and attitude in treating other people. If he treats others well, chances are he’ll treat you well too.

3. His age

In terms of age, choose a partner that suits your taste. If you are a woman, of course you choose a boyfriend who is much older than you. If you are a man, you usually look for a woman who is younger than you. But there are also those who choose otherwise, the level of maturity of a person cannot be measured by his age. It could also be a woman looking for a man who is younger than her, that is because of the maturity level of the man who can lead a relationship.

4. Obey Religion

If you have a religious boyfriend, it usually has a good impact on yourself. For example, if you are not a person who worships diligently, but because your boyfriend is a person who prays diligently, you will automatically be infected with this craft.

5. Clear Background

This is usually related to the boyfriend’s family. Also pay attention to how his family is. You can also try to get close to his family or siblings so that you know more about the true personality of your boyfriend. But if your boyfriend doesn’t have a family, maybe he grew up in an orphanage and try to find out about it through the orphanage. This is done because a girlfriend can come from anywhere and from any background.

6. Good Communication

Communication here means choosing a boyfriend who can make you connect with him well when talking, complaining and so on. Because basically, a boyfriend who connects with you will definitely be easier for you to understand and vice versa.

7. Find Out What are the Strengths and Weaknesses

In this case it’s not to dismantle the shortcomings it has, but whether or not you can accept the shortcomings it has. This is done so that later you will not be disappointed and regret it in the future. You also don’t have to cover up the strengths and weaknesses that you have. Don’t be perfect in front of him just to look flawless in his eyes. You have to be who you really are.

8. Diligent

Find a girlfriend who is diligent, or can also be more diligent than you, such as being diligent at school/college, working, worshiping and others. Because the craft he has is a picture if he is diligent and consistent with what he does. And who knows the craft he has is contagious to those of you who are not diligent.

9. Commitment

Choose a boyfriend who has a good commitment, whether it’s in his studies, work or the things he does. Because that way, he will also make good commitments when in a relationship with you later.

10. Smart

Find a smart boyfriend, even if you need to be smarter than yourself. A smart or insightful boyfriend will usually give you new insights that you didn’t know and understand before.

11. Polite and Polite

A polite and well-mannered boyfriend is certainly a dream for every parent. Therefore, look for a boyfriend who has a polite and courteous attitude, especially in the presence of older people.

12. Independent

The independence he has usually reflects his toughness. In contrast to people who are spoiled, where they still depend p anyone else including his own parents. It could also be that later he will depend on you because he is already his girlfriend.

13. Caution

Of course, everyone wants a caring boyfriend. Therefore choose a boyfriend who has a good caring attitude. So that later he will pay attention to you as his girlfriend.

14. Faithful

A good boyfriend is one who is able to be loyal to you. A person’s loyalty is usually seen from his consistency and high commitment to something.

15. Patience

Choose a boyfriend who has a patient character, patience here means the ability to control emotions and always have a way to soak up emotions. In other words, he is not the type of person who gets angry easily, even when he is having problems.

16. Accept What You Are

Choose a boyfriend who is able to accept you as you are, that person is not too demanding of you.

17. Easy to get along with

Choose a boyfriend who is easy to get along with, so that later when you introduce him to your friends, he is not stiff. And usually a boyfriend who is easy to get along with will also be easy to adapt.

18. Not Materialistic

Materialistic or matre something that is not fun. If you are rich, of course you won’t be comfortable with a materialistic boyfriend, because he might only want what you have.

19. Humorous

Having a humorous boyfriend will usually be much more fun, especially if you feel sad because of a problem. By having a humorous boyfriend, of course he can entertain you with his humor. This can also make your relationship more fun and not seem flat and boring.

20. Willing to Sacrifice

Having a girlfriend who is willing to make sacrifices will of course relieve you when you experience a problem. They will of course be happy to help you and even sacrifice anything for you to get you out of this problem.

21. Kind

Everyone naturally wants a good-natured girlfriend, especially when it comes to helping others. Because a boyfriend who never hesitates to help and help others, will definitely not hesitate when it’s time to help you and help you.

22. Be Responsible

A boyfriend who has a sense of responsibility certainly sticks to whatever he does, including in terms of having an affair with you. This can be his seriousness and commitment when it comes to your relationship.

23. Not Arrogant

Anyone doesn’t want to have a boyfriend who is arrogant. Because this arrogant nature tends to be disliked by many people. And of course your family will also not be happy if your boyfriend has this trait.

24. Not Selfish

No one wants to be associated with a selfish person. Because a selfish boyfriend, of course, only thinks about his own interests without caring about the interests of his partner. This is usually the cause of a breakup.

25. Can Advise and Rebuke

A girlfriend who can advise and rebuke is very necessary. Because if you accidentally make a mistake, such a boyfriend is needed to advise and reprimand you when you make a mistake, this is also a sign of his concern for you. Because basically people who love you will not let you fall into the abyss of mistakes.

26. Open

The nature of being open here is that if he makes a mistake, he can receive advice, suggestions and criticism from other people, including from you as well as his girlfriend. Of course, as long as the advice, suggestions and criticism are really constructive and correct the mistakes that have been made.(*)

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