Aussies shocked to discover detail about Bubble O’Bill ice cream

KUPASONLINE.COM — The internet has spoken and it’s pretty clear that the Bubble O’ Bill is an Aussie icon we all grew up with and enjoyed devouring on a hot summer day – even if it was just to eat the bubble gum nose and let the rest drip down your arm while steering the BMX one-handed.

Ah, childhood!

But there is a little fact about the delicious sweet treat that has caught some fans by surprise, despite it being there all along.

Bubble O’ Bill fact that is blowing people’s minds

If you answered “Ah, DERR! No one knew this already?” then prepare to read on in rage because as it turns out, not many did!

Word of Bill’s hat detail began to circulate when a Queensland mum took to Facebook to ask if everyone else noticed the hole in the ice cream.

“How old were you when you discovered BUBBLE O’ BILL had a BULLET HOLE in his hat?” she asked.

While some did claim they knew and couldn’t believe no one else did, others were just as shocked as the mum who only discovered the truth in 2023.

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