Healthy Dating Style Without Fear of Getting Pregnant Here’s What You Need to Do!

Healthy Dating Style Without Fear of Getting Pregnant
Healthy Dating Style Without Fear of Getting Pregnant

ENGLISH.KUPASONLINE.COM–Nowadays, who doesn’t know about the term dating, even junior high school students already know about the term. But now the courtship method used by ABG children is excessive, to the point where they can get pregnant out of wedlock, and in the end, the children who are born are thrown away, abandoned, and some even have the heart to kill them.

As a human who is different from animals, we should be able to think that these actions will bring great harm to ourselves.

Usually, in dating between couples there will be interactions of mutual praise and mutual seduction, here the role of faith will be tested, if a woman’s faith is not strong and tempted by the flattery of a man (her boyfriend) the woman might give up her chastity to prove her affection.

An unfavorable and certainly unhealthy courtship style will pose various risks that must be borne. The risks consist of various kinds, including contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) such as syphilis, Genital Warts, Hepatitis, and even HIV/AIDS. Besides that, this bad courtship style will also lead to early marriage, and also increase the occurrence of abortion cases.

So, follow this article until it’s finished for those of you who want to enjoy a healthy dating style without fear of getting pregnant.

Previously, we also wanted to explain how a healthy courtship should be.

Physically Healthy

In a relationship/dating, each partner must be able to look after and protect the other, therefore each partner is not justified in hurting the other let alone violence occurring in that relationship. Hmm… you have to keep in mind that even when you’re emotional and for whatever reason if you have a difference of opinion or dispute, you can’t hit, kick or kill each other.

Physically healthy can also be interpreted if we can have a relationship without hurting our partner, we have the right to refuse if our partner asks and forces us to kiss or even seduce us to have sex. We also have to know when it’s time to defend ourselves if it turns out that our partner is a light-handed group, aka a bouncer.

Emotionally Healthy
Usually, the reason for couples to date/establish a special relationship is to seek happiness, because of that the relationship that takes place must be established with the cooperation of both parties so that a sense of comfort, mutual understanding, and openness arises.

Healthy Social
People say that when you’re dating, the world seems to belong to the two of you..eating together…going alone…everything seems beautiful, but it turns out that a healthy courtship is a courtship that is not too binding, meaning that even though we are dating, our social relationship with others (family, friends, friends, etc.) must stay awake, if from the morning, afternoon, evening until the night we are always with him, as a result, we will not be able to associate with others, away from family and even we will feel alien to our own environment.

In addition, we often hear the term “backstreet”, this situation certainly makes those of us who are experiencing it uncomfortable, feeling depressed, and sad, this situation is far from healthy, so if we are in a relationship, we must introduce our partner to our parents, as much as possible, we must avoid backstreet because opening up to your parents about the relationship you are currently in will make your parents more trusting and it will be easier for you to be in a relationship because you won’t be playing “hide and seek” with your parents.

4. Sexually Healthy
Biologically, for adolescents or someone who has experienced the development and maturity of sex, without realizing it, dating also affects a person’s sexual life.

There are many ways to express our feelings of love for our partners, so it is very unfortunate if “physical contact” is the only way to prove love. Sexual activity in adolescents or couples with dating status is a risky thing because it can cause unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Having a romantic love relationship is not a guarantee that a healthy courtship can be achieved automatically. The proof, many couples show a serious relationship, but in fact “hide” a lot of problems inside.

Recognize these signs of healthy courtship, so you and your partner can “introspect” yourself.

1. Open communication

In a relationship
If you want a healthy relationship, communicate!
Healthy courtship can be achieved if communication between you and your partner is practiced it openly. A healthy relationship is marked by a sense of courage to discuss anything with your partner, including work, health, and finances.

Healthy courtship is also characterized by the absence of “judgment” between each other, after talking to each other honestly.

2. Trust
Trust can be likened to a “foundation” that strengthens healthy courtship. Trust here goes beyond simply being sure that your partner will not cheat or lie.

The trust that is meant here is the belief that your partner will not hurt you physically or mentally.

3. Curiosity
Curiosity about what is going on in your partner’s life is one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship. Whether it’s about life problems or dreams that your partner wants to achieve.

Without this kind of curiosity, you or your partner may experience boredom in a love relationship.

4. Mutual respect

In a relationship
Healthy courtship can be marked by mutual respect
Healthy courtship is characterized by mutual respect for one another. Suppose one of you feels superior to your partner, healthy courtship can never be achieved.

There are many ways to show respect and respect for your partner in a healthy relationship, such as:

Want to hear complaints
Don’t procrastinate if your partner asks you to do something nice
Each other understands and is willing to forgive his partner’s mistakes
Give space and time to your partner
Give permission to your partner to have quality time alone or with your family
Support your partner in pursuing their goals and dreams
If mutual respect has been built from the start of the relationship, then a healthy relationship is no longer just a dream.

5. Affection that does not go out
Maybe you are wondering, why affection is needed for healthy courtship. In fact, love is definitely there in courtship.

Make no mistake, affection usually peaks at the beginning of courtship. But over time, affection can decrease. Whereas in a healthy relationship, affection should continue to increase, as the “age” of your relationship grows.

6. Cooperation
Healthy courtship can also be marked by cooperation with each other. You and your partner should ideally work together to support each other when times get tough. If cooperation is not built from the start, the foundations of the relationship run the risk of being shaken over time.

7. Can solve problems well
In a healthy relationship, problems will surely arise. However, the way you and your partner solve problems can be a sign of a healthy relationship, you know.

If you and your partner are able to solve problems with a cool head, without emotion. Because this is a sign of healthy courtship.

Keep in mind, couples who can find a solution to a problem without emotion will usually get a better “answer”.

8. Not always serious
Healthy dating doesn’t mean you and your partner have to be serious all the time. There comes a time when a joke is needed. Because protracted seriousness is considered to be able to make the courtship style too stiff and boring.

9. Have “me time” respectively
The characteristics of a healthy relationship are not only measured by the time you spend together. Turns out, having each other’s time, without jealousy, can be a sign of a healthy relationship!

10. Inspire yourself to be better
The next characteristic of healthy dating is being able to have a good impact on ourselves. If your partner is able to motivate you to be a better person, you can conclude that you are in a healthy relationship.

Apart from that, we also want to explain the unhealthy dating style of today’s kids. Read more.

1. Make a girlfriend above all
Realize, These 6 Dating Styles Are Very Unhealthy for Your
You have to understand that in this life there is not only him. But you have parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. They are the ones who deserve your attention besides your boyfriend. Because it is not impossible that your relationship with him will only be for a short time. While the people closest to you will always be in your life as long as you and they are still in this world.

2. Making a girlfriend as a shuttle driver
Indeed, love requires sacrifice. But, you don’t need to use all your time for him, you know. It doesn’t mean that you are his girlfriend and then make him like a shuttle driver in every activity you do. If you are a boyfriend like this, try to be more independent without having to depend on him.

3. Fulfill all his desires
Be aware, these 6 dating styles are very unhealthy for your Holyoake
Believe me, not everything he wants you to have to fulfill. You have to sort and consider which ones you can give him and which ones you can’t. Give explanations and why can’t you give them.

Remember that before you got married, you didn’t have any formal ties and you had no material responsibilities to him. So, don’t make yourself a person who is used, OK?

4. Become a love security guard who is on standby 24 hours
Love will indeed make your days happy. But, don’t make that an excuse to run away from obligations. You don’t need to stick next to him like a postage stamp. There are many more useful things you can do besides spending a lot of time with him. You need to choose leisure time outside of your obligations.

5. Assuming free sex is commonplace
Be aware, these 6 dating styles are very unhealthy for your Mangulsone
When you fall in love, then lust is the toughest test you will face in love. The smarter you and your partner control lust, the more holy your love will be. Don’t make casual sex a normal thing.

Besides religion forbidding it, this is also not good for your health and that of your partner. Moreover, there are other disadvantages that you will get if you keep having free sex.

6. Wasting life after a breakup
When you are heartbroken and disappointed, remember these words, “one death grows a thousand”. So, if later he leaves you with broken feelings, then keep thinking logically. Others can hurt you, but don’t let yourself hurt yourself.

Remember that the best relationships are friendships. Try to treat your partner the way you would treat a friend. Because friends will both understand and not hurt each other, you know!

Thus this article discusses unhealthy dating styles and the countermeasures you can take. So, don’t be too protective of each other, and taking care of yourself is very important so that unexpected things don’t happen while dating.

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