Some Bali Tourist Attractions, Suitable for Long Holidays

KUPASONLINE.COM — Who doesn’t know Bali? The province, which is nicknamed the Island of the Gods, has many tourist attractions that must be visited.

If you plan to go to Bali, here are recommendations for tours in Bali that you can visit during your long holidays.

1. Kuta Beach
It’s incomplete if you haven’t enjoyed the beauty of Kuta Beach while visiting Bali. Quoted from, Saturday (7/5/2016), the location of the beach is quite easy to access by various vehicles, making it suitable for tourists from out of town.

There are various activities that you can do at Kuta Beach, including enjoying panoramic sunsets and white sand.

In addition, tourists can also visit the giant turtle statue. There is also a delman service that is ready to take you around Kuta Beach.

2. Jimbaran Beach

Muaya Beach, or better known as Jimbaran Beach, is one of the tourist attractions frequented by tourists.

Reporting from Tribun News, Sunday (24/3/2019), this beach is famous for its stretch of white sand and big waves. Therefore, this location is one of the favorite spots for surfing.

Jimbaran Beach is also famous for seafood. The location is near I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, or about 7.8 kilometers (km).

3. Seminyak Beach

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