Comfortable Conditions for Travel from a Climate and Weather Perspective

KUPASONLINE.COM — If you want to travel, what’s the first thing you think about? The most important is the cost of course. The tendency of someone to go on a trip is to adjust to the contents of his wallet. This time we will not discuss this, because there have been many articles that explore in detail.

One of the factors for quality tourism activities that we do is comfort. Convenience is not just one factor. Many indicators include the convenience of transportation, the convenience of tourist management services and so on. There is one comfort that we rarely hear about, namely climate or weather comfort.

Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, has many charming tourist areas, especially nature tourism. However, to visit these tourist areas it is still very rare for us or the managers of tourist areas to use climate or weather parameters as a reference for stating the level of comfort. The weather parameters used are air temperature, air humidity, wind, sunlight and rainfall.

We conducted a survey of 793 people in three natural tourism areas namely the Ancol Ecopark which represents the coastal area, the Bogor Botanical Gardens which represents the lowlands and the Cibodas Botanical Gardens which represents the mountainous area.

We use the results of the survey as a reference for comfort based on climate or weather parameters. So that our tourism activities can run according to our wishes, the following conditions can be used as a guide so that tourism activities become comfortable.

Air temperature

From various literatures it is found that the comfortable temperature is in the range of 18º-23ºC. However, the literature used is research in sub-tropical regions. For Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, there is no standard reference for a comfortable air temperature.

The results of our research found that the comfortable temperature for the Indonesian region is 25º-30ºC. To determine what the air temperature is, we can easily find out at this time. Almost all smartphones have a weather application. The application also has forecasts for the next week.

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