Simple and Delicious Restaurant Style Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

KUPASONLINE.COM — For those of you who are curious to enjoy the taste of restaurant-style pasta, it’s better to just make it at home, come on! This simple spaghetti carbonara recipe, for example, is a pasta dish covered in cheese and egg sauce which is very practical and the ingredients are easy to find. Slightly different from the classic version but no less delicious, the Royco Cream of Chicken Soup is one of the ingredients for this simple spaghetti carbonara sauce recipe.

During the manufacturing process, spaghetti is boiled in boiling water that has been given a little oil so it doesn’t stick. This pasta is boiled until al dente or cooked pasta level but not until mushy. Usually marked with a transparent paste color. The goal is that when the pasta is cooked again with the sauce it feels soft and not mushy.

Not only spaghetti, you can also use other types of pasta such as fusilli, macaroni, fettucine, or farfalle. Serve this carbonara pasta recipe for dinner with the family at home!

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