These 5 Body Parts Feel the Most Pain When Tattooed

KUPASONLINE.COM — The process of making a tattoo is done by injecting a needle filled with special ink into the deepest part of the skin. Not infrequently this process causes pain or pain that is felt by the maker.

Some people describe the sensation as like an ant bite or feeling dull, while others feel a sharp, painful scratch. The sensation of pain is especially felt when tattooing certain body parts. Then, what part of the body hurts the most when tattooed?

Launching Insider, based on the experience of Bethan McConnel, a writer and journalist at the media, he already has 40 tattoos on his body and reveals that five parts of the body hurt when tattooed.

Maybe the sensation of pain is actually relative, because each person can feel a different sensation depending on the body’s response to pain. However, he admits that when making tattoos on the following body parts, the pain is so intense that the wounds after being tattooed are difficult to heal.

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