Tricks to Use Ornamental Plants to Improve Home Feng Shui

KUPASONLINE.COM — Talking about feng shui, most people will rearrange their house with certain furniture and items that can bring good luck. But we can also get the benefits of feng shui through certain ornamental plants and how to place them at home.

There are some good plants to increase good energy in the home as long as we place them properly.

Positive Energy and Luck Tricks to use ornamental plants to improve feng shui For this reason, before buying new ornamental plants, it’s a good idea to know the tricks to set them up to increase the energy in the house.

The following is the explanation, as reported by Real Simple.
Think life goals In feng shui, the selection of plants to their placement is determined by the balance of life we want and need. For example, improving finances, reducing stress, or finding more joy in life.

It is very important for a person to find a balance among many things around him, whether it be pleasure, business, love affairs, social, and so on,” said the third generation of ancient Chinese Feng Shui expert, Clara Leung.

To that end, Leung says he always encourages his customers to choose at least three things they would like to enhance or attract into their lives before suggesting a choice of plants. Choosing the right plants for feng shui In feng shui, there are no plants that have the same function, so we need to choose according to our life goals.

Leung himself recommends the snake plant as a versatile feng shui plant that is perfect for protecting the home from negative energy. However, other favorite houseplants can also bring unique attributes to our lives. For example, the monstera which represents love, happiness and relationships, or the money tree which is believed to enhance and combine wealth with good energy.

Three of the most popular plants for feng shui such as the heartleaf philodendron, the birkin plant, and the pothos plant can help increase good energy, happiness, and harmony in our homes.

Not a few people like to collect lots of plants in their homes. So if we are one of them, there is a possibility that we have to reduce the number of plants in the house or rearrange them so they don’t accumulate in one room, especially in the bedroom. “Putting more than five houseplants in a room is a big mistake,” says Leung.

According to Leung, the bedroom should be the most peaceful room in the house. “Having too many houseplants with multiple goals like improving finances, love, career, will kill the energy of the plants.

So, one to five ornamental plants for the bedroom is enough,” he said. Finding the perfect placement For best results, spread the plants around the house. “We can balance the energy flowing in the house by placing feng shui houseplants in several rooms throughout the house, not just one room,” says Leung.

Leung recommends placing certain plants in certain rooms. For example, placing a snake plant near the main entrance to help block bad energy from entering the house. Also read: Easy Steps to Apply Feng Shui at Home Then if you want to improve your love life, show off your monstera in the living room or bedroom. But remember, do not put it on the head of the bed.

“Keeping the space above the head of the bed free and clear can promote peace and quiet,” says Leung. Then, monstera also should not be placed in the bathroom. The reason is, the bathroom is known as the room with the lowest energy in the house. Placing any plants directly above the toilet should also be avoided.

“Placing the ZZ money tree above the toilet indicates that money will be lost by going down the drain,” said Leung. In addition, we also should never put plant pots directly on the floor. “No space between the planter and the floor is synonymous with stagnant airflow,” says Leung.

For that, it’s best to find a holder to support the pot so that air flows in and out smoothly, and helps the good energy to flow freely. Caring for plants Caring for plants properly is also needed to get the maximum benefit from this feng shui plant.

“For feng shui plants to work as well as possible, you have to understand their maintenance,” says Leung. One of the biggest causes of underdevelopment of these plants is too much sun. This is because many popular feng shui plants will thrive in indirect sunlight. For example, with filtered light. “My favorite is roman shade,” she said.(*)

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