Why is the lion dance always present during Chinese New Year?

KUPASONLINE.COM — Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance that is performed on major events such as the Spring Festival. In Indonesia, the Lion Dance is more popularly known as the Lion Dance.

While the Spring Festival is called the Lunar New Year celebration to welcome the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year). Do you know why there is always a lion dance during Chinese New Year?

Barongsai and Chinese New Year

Reporting from China Highlights, according to traditional Chinese beliefs, the lion signifies courage, strength, wisdom and excellence.

The lion dance is performed at festivals or major events in Chinese culture to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

The Barongsai dance is performed to drive away ghosts and evil spirits. Because the Chinese believe in monsters, ghosts, evil spirits and giants like Nian are afraid of loud noises.

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