Here Are 10 Indian Rituals That Will Make You Gaze With Amazement!

KUPASONLINE.COM — One of the things that makes a country unique and special, is its cultural and cultural diversity. One of them, India is very famous for its beautiful and rich tradition and ritual values, so that it can attract the world’s attention.

However, some Indian traditions and rituals are considered quite interesting and different. Launching from, here are 11 related Indian rituals that will make you gape instantly with amazement. What are you curious about?

1. Cannibalistic Aghorists

India has various well-known sects, such as the Cannibalistic Aghorist sect that worships Lord Shiva. In this belief, followers believe that everything provided by nature can be consumed. Without exception humans.

That means, it is clear that the Cannibalistic Aghoris are indeed carrying out the activity of ‘devouring’ humans. Usually, they did this by dragging the corpse from the river, mulling over it, then tearing every limb to devour it raw. Not to forget, bones and skulls are processed as food containers.

2. Veni Daan in Allahabad

The ritual itself is only performed in Allahabad. They will hold a big celebration with the characteristic of the wife wearing traditional clothes, tying her hair back. Then when the ceremony is over, the wife has to sit on the husband’s lap to have a lock of hair cut and offered to the river.

3. Throwing babies in Maharashtra and Karnataka

Who would have thought that the people of Maharashtra and Karnataka have the most terrifying tradition, namely the ritual of throwing babies. This hereditary activity takes place in December involving fathers and newborns.

Initially, the father would be asked to climb the stairs or the temple wall with the baby in his arms or tied behind. Once it reaches the top, the baby will be immediately handed over to the man standing at the top by swinging it back and forth.

From there, the man will drop the baby from a height of about 10-15 meters. Of course, a group of men waited downstairs, holding blankets, to find the baby and hand it back to the mother. This tradition is considered to provide excellent health and strength to live a long life.

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