Historical Places Built for Love

KUPASONLINE.COM — There is no power on earth that can match the power of love. In the name of love, anything can happen, even things that look very impossible though. Even though sometimes love often makes people lose their minds, without love life will only feel empty, without color, without taste.

Here are presented some historical tourist attractions that were built because of love, a highest offering for beloved couples.

1. Prambanan Temple, Indonesia
Who doesn’t know the story of the famous Roro Jonggrang? It is said that Bandung Bondowoso was willing to build a thousand temples in one night as a requirement to propose to Roro Jonggrang. Unfortunately, while building the last temple, Bandung Bondowoso ran out of time due to a clever ploy by Roro Jonggrang. Angry because his love was toyed with, Bandung Bondowoso cursed Roro Jonggrang to become a stone statue to complete the thousandth temple.

2. Plaosan Temple, Indonesia

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