Get to know the History and Origin of the Kecak Dance

KUPASONLINE.COM — IndonesianIndonesian culture is very diverse, and its diversity is even well-known throughout the world. Talking about traditional Indonesian dances, all of them have their own history and noble values. One of the dance arts that is owned and needs to be preserved is the Kecak Dance. This dance has a story, history, to its distinctive dance philosophy.

The dance originates from the island of Baliisland of Bali. The island, which is famous for its many tourist destinations, has a uniqueunique dance called Kecak. With its uniqueness, this dance is liked by some immigrant communities who are interested in learning it.

“Cak, Cak, Cak” is the distinctive sound that you usually hear when you see the Balinese Kecak Dance performance. This Kecak dance is a dance drama art that is played by 50 to 150 dancers.

As the name implies, this dance consists of dancers, mostly men who sit cross-legged in a circle. The clothes he wore were in the form of a sarong and a square cloth which had a black and white color like a chessboard which was tied in a circle to the dancer’s waist.

For those of you who are traveling or living in Balitraveling or living in Bali, of course you are already familiar with the Kecak Dance. This dance is performed when there are events, guests, or others. Apparently attracting the sympathetic audience or visitors who come to see it. However, behind the popularity of this dance, there is an origin, history, meaning, and some of the properties used in this dance.

To get to know more about the Kecak Dance. Let’s look at the following discussion.
The Kecak dance is one of the most popular dances on the island of Bali. Not only famous, this dance is usually also used as a ceremony to welcome guests, as well as religious ceremonies.

So, however, do you know how the Kecak Dance originated in ancient times so that it can become quite popular today? The following is a complete discussion of the origin of the traditional art dance called the Kecak Dance.Kecak Dance.

Kecak dance is one of the dances originating from Bali. This dance is also known as the Fire Dance or Cak Dance. This dance is a mass entertainment performance dance. This dance is performed by several male dancers, wearing a black and white checkered cloth covering the shape of a chessboard.

This dance is played without using musical accompaniment in the form of a gamelan. By sitting in a row to form a circle pattern and accompanied by a rhythmic call that reads “cak, cak, cak” while raising both hands.

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