Seven Traditional Ceremonies on the Island of Bali

KUPASONLINE.COM — The enchantment of the natural beauty of the island of Bali does not need to be doubted anymore. Throughout the island we can enjoy the natural beauty that stretches, from mountains, beaches and even lakes. However, there are unique things that make Bali even more special, namely the preservation of culture which is deeply felt in the joints of people’s lives. Visiting Bali feels more special if we manage to get exciting moments by watching traditional ceremonies in Bali. Generally, these traditional ceremonies can be witnessed by tourists to simply witness or document them.

Here are seven traditional ceremonies on the island of Bali which have their own uniqueness:

1. Ngaben Ceremony

The Ngaben ceremony is a cremation ceremony in Bali which is believed by the Balinese Hindu community as a ritual to perfect the body back to the Creator. Ngaben ceremonies are divided into three types, namely: Ngaben sawa Wedana, Ngaben Asti Wedana, and Private. The Ngaben Sawa Wedana ceremony is carried out after the corpse has been preserved before the burning ritual takes place. Meanwhile, Ngaben Asti Wedana is carried out after the body is buried first. Finally, a private ceremony is performed for Balinese residents who died outside the area or whose bodies were not found.

Given the large amount of money that will be incurred for the Ngaben ceremony, not all Balinese people can carry out this ceremony for families who have died. However, both the traditional village government and the provincial government held a mass cremation ceremony intended for underprivileged families so that the bodies of their ancestors could be purified or cleaned in accordance with Hindu religious teachings. So, the Ngaben Ceremony will not always be carried out and cannot be predicted.

2. Melasti Ceremony

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