What Do You Do During Chinese New Year? Listen Here

KUPASONLINE.COM — Chinese New Year is in sight, Mother. Approximately, Mother and family have prepared anything to welcome this joyful day?

No one has ever known for sure the history of when Chinese New Year was celebrated for the first time, Mother. This is because most of the stories of the Chinese people are passed down from generation to generation.

Narrated by Feng Shui Expert, Angelina Fang, originally this Chinese New Year celebration was held at the winter solstice. The goal is to pray to Gods and ancestors, Mother. Not only that, this activity was also carried out to give thanks for the harvests obtained for one year.

In 104 BC, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty approved a calendar reform which established the beginning of the Chinese or Lunar New Year to fall on the first new moon after the sun enters the 11th sun zodiac sign or Aquarius.

“New Year’s celebrations have changed from winter to early spring. On the one hand, winter is also uncomfortable for families to gather together. Spring weather is more friendly and pleasant,” he told HaiBunda recently.

Activities recommended during Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is valid for up to 15 days or until Cap Go Meh day. According to Angelina Fang, there are several things that are recommended for Chinese New Year, mother. Here, Bubun helps share the series.

1. Cleaning the house
A few days before Chinese New Year arrives, usually Chinese people will do a thorough cleaning at home, Mother. This activity is referred to as Spring Cleaning.

Cleaning the house before Chinese New Year arrives is believed to be able to get rid of and clean up bad energy or sick energy in the house. Not only that, this is also very influential on feng shui in order to create good energy.

“From a feng shui point of view, the energy in a clean house will be of higher quality and on the one hand cleaning activities will also tidy up things so that the house becomes roomy for energy to move freely providing optimal benefits for the occupants,” said Angelina

2. Gather with family
Another thing that is often recommended during Chinese New Year is gathering with family, Mother. This activity is usually done on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

“Usually the extended family gathers to enjoy dinner together. Then there are those who pray on this New Year’s Eve to give thanks and give thanks. Prayers are also offered for a more prosperous and prosperous New Year,” said Angelina.

The custom of visiting family and relatives’ homes is also carried out during Chinese New Year, Mother. Usually, those who are younger will visit the homes of much older relatives.

3. Turn on the light
On New Year’s Eve, usually all the lights in the house will be turned on until the next day. However, the lights in the room are allowed to be turned off.

“The belief is that the house is brightly lit to welcome the God of Prosperity and to give New Year’s blessings to the homes that are inhabited,” said Angelina.

4. Wearing a red shirt
During Chinese New Year it is also recommended to wear red clothes, Mother. Red is believed to be a lucky color in the Chinese New Year, indicating prosperity and energy.
In feng shui, red is the color of the fire element. This fire element is closely related to being active, passionate, and happy.

“Red is a mandatory color in Chinese celebrations related to happy affairs, such as weddings, baby births, birthdays, moving houses, starting businesses, and so on,” said the founder of Feng Shui Contracting Indonesia.

5. Giving red packets
For those who are married, it is usually recommended to give angpao, Mother. The purpose of giving this angpao is to wish the recipient of the angpao a better year.

Angelina revealed that the contents and amount of red packets are not really a problem, Mother. However, the most important thing about this angpao tradition is to be grateful for what you have.

“It’s better not to judge the angpao by the amount of money in it, but gratefully accept the good wishes represented by the angpao,” he said.

6. Installing lanterns and fireworks
On the 15th night of Chinese New Year or Cap Go Meh, there will usually be a celebration of the lantern festival, Bunda. On this night, Chinese people will put up lanterns, eat tang yuan or dumplings, and set off fireworks.

“On the evening of the 15th (Cap Go Meh), it is also known as the lantern festival. Usually the Chinese people put up lanterns, eat tang yuan (onde) and set off fireworks. But in Indonesia, the celebration varies in each city or region. said Angelina.(*)

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