Take a Peek at the Uniqueness of Chinese New Year Celebration Traditions in the World

KUPASONLINE.COM — Chinese New Year in Indonesia falls on January 22, 2023. Generally, this moment is celebrated with lion dance performances and an open house. Like other holidays, the ChineseChinese New Year tradition in Indonesia is also a moment for family gatherings and large family banquets.

Imlek, also known as the spring festival, is the most important moment among traditional Chinese festivals. The Chinese New Year FestivalChinese New Year Festival dates back about 3,500 years. Over time, Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world with a variety of unique traditions.

Check out how the world celebrates Chinese New Year below:

1. ChinaChina

Chinese New Year celebrations focus on New Year’s Eve. The Chinese community in China will spend this moment with their families. Each member of the family will wear new red and gold clothes which are believed to symbolize auspiciousness.

Then in northern China, there is Chinese New Year food that is mandatory, namely dumplings. Chinese New Year celebrations are also enlivened by children looking for lucky coins in it. Apart from that, the most awaited thing is for family members to give each other red envelopes or angpao.

2. JapanJapan

Reporting from Guidoble.com, One of the moments of Chinese New Year celebrations in Japan is by holding the annual Nagasaki Lantern Festival. In the past, this festival was usually used to mark Chinese New Year for Chinese people living in Japan.

At this time the festival has become an opportunity for Japanese people to experience Chinese culture in the Nagasaki area. This festival lasts for two weeks which are celebrated by setting off fireworks and watching lion dance performances.

In addition, celebrating Chinese New Year can also be done by visiting Yokohama Chinatown to see the lantern illumination event which will last until February 5, 2023.

3. Philippines

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, children in the Philippines will jump to celebrate the new year’s celebration. In addition, by jumping they believe that this action can make them higher.

Not only that, Chinese New Year in the Philippines is also known as Media Noche. This is a very important New Year’s Eve event for family members. Generally their dining table will be filled with fruits that are round in shape, which is a tradition from China because it symbolizes good luck.

Mandatory foods during Chinese New Year in the Philippines are biko, bibingka, and nian gao. Then, later each family member will prefer to use polka dot clothes. This is because this clothing is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

4. Singapore

Chinese New Year is a moment that is always celebrated on a large scale every year. Various snacks, from sticky rice to pineapple tarts and nian gao can be enjoyed in this Lion country.

Another common meal is yusheng, a traditional salad only served on holidays.

Then the people of Singapore will also hold the Chingay Parade. It’s a lavish once a year celebration that includes everything from giant floats to lion dancers.

5. Malaysian

Just like in several other countries, in Malaysia, Chinese New Year is basically celebrated by gathering with family and friends. Chinese New Year is celebrated for fifteen days with the main focus on the first three days.

Reporting from Wonderful Malaysia, Chap Goh Mei or the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year, is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The houses will be decorated with brightly decorated lights. According to Chinese legend, they believe that young single women can throw tangerines into the sea if they want to find a good husband.

Then this tradition has undergone changes, now single women will throw Mandarin oranges into the sea by writing their phone number. Later the single men will row the boat and look for the oranges.

6. Thailand

On Chinese New Year’s Day, Chinese citizens in Thailand will spend most of their time at home and do nothing. This is done to guarantee good luck.

In addition, they are also not allowed to use sharp objects, do homework or argue on this day. Then they will hold a communal party called Weilu. This party is carried out with the family as a form of respect for the ancestors.

7. Vietnamese

This country calls Chinese New Year celebrations as Tet. Foods such as bánh tét (cylindrical like wooden blocks) and bánh chung (square) sticky rice cakes, play an important role in the celebration.

The traditional dress, the ao dai, is a silk tunic with slits on either side that is worn over the trousers by both men and women.

Family members will go together to the shrine to pray for good luck, health and fortune.

8. South Korea

Chinese New Year is an important traditional holiday in South Korea. This is because Chinese New Year provides an opportunity for South Korean people to pay respects to their parents and ancestors.

Generally Koreans will celebrate Seollal for 3 days by wearing their traditional clothes, hanbok. While children will pay their respects to their parents and elders called seh bae. As a Chinese New Year celebration, children will also receive pocket money and advice in the new year.

9. Taiwan

Apart from gathering with family, Taiwanese people will celebrate Chinese New Year by playing Mahjong. Mahjong is very popular in Taiwan during Chinese New Year. For several days, together with the family, they will sit and play some games.

For information, Mahjong is a game for the new year, many families also like to make this game a place to gamble with dice. They will bet with US$5 or US$1. This game is done as entertainment which is believed to give pleasure and strengthen brotherhood.(*)

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