9 Wedding Traditions in German Culture, Unique and Full of Meaning!

KUPASONLINE.COM —Most of us are probably familiar with western wedding customs such as bridal showers, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Many bridesmaids in Indonesia are currently adopting these 3 customs on their happy day.

Do you understand, in fact Germany also has marriage customs that are no less special? The illustration is a kind of shoe auction to kidnap the bride and groom. To this day, Germans still carry out the customs left by their ancestors on their wedding day.

Special and meaningful, here are 9 wedding customs in German custom.

1. Scrambled egg offering

The bride and groom will visit their relative’s house to convey the concept of marriage while inviting. It has become customary, the host will present mixed eggs as an offering.

History begins in the past, where the owner of the house did not have time to prepare anything to welcome the sudden arrival of the bride and groom. Thus, scrambled eggs become a simple dish that can be served easily.

2. Polterbend

Polterabend is a tradition that is generally carried out one to three weeks before the wedding ceremony. Family and friends will come to the bride and groom’s house with various porcelain items.

Porcelain brought and destroyed. The more shards, the better luck the bride and groom will have. After the event is over, the bride and groom must clean up the porcelain shards. This is a symbol that they can work together to deal with problems that may arise in household life.

Each guest is free to bring porcelain items of any kind. However, they are prohibited from carrying glassware, as it is believed to bring bad luck if you break it.

3. Junggesellenaschied

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