Seeing the Unique Traditions of Welcoming the Month of Ramadan in Brunei Darussalam

KUPASONLINE.COM — Seeing the Unique Traditions of Welcoming the Month of Ramadan in Brunei Darussalam.

Ramadan is always eagerly awaited by Muslims from various countries. Various unique traditions are held as a form of joy in welcoming the arrival of the holy month.

Several countries will hold their own traditions to enliven the fasting atmosphere of Ramadan. This tradition only exists in that month and will not be found in other months.

Brunei Darussalam is one of the Islamic countries in the world which has its own unique traditions in welcoming Ramadan.

Seeing the unique traditions of welcoming the month of Ramadan in Brunei Darussalam will add to our insights about how the atmosphere of Ramadan in other countries is no less exciting than in Indonesia.

Brunei Darussalam is often dubbed as the country of immigrants, because almost half of Brunei’s population are immigrants from various countries, both as workers, students and students, as well as tourists.

Nonetheless, the strong Islamic religious principles adhered to by Muslims there have made Brunei a conducive country with a high level of religious tolerance.

Sungkai, Unique Tradition of Breaking the Fast in Brunei

Breaking the fast in Brunei is termed sungkai. This sungkai tradition is held in mosques and special places to break the fast together.

Bruneian Muslims will usually wear brightly colored Malay clothing to attend Sungkai.

Food and drinks have been provided by the committee and local residents. Breaking the fast will be marked by beating the drum at the time of maghrib. After breaking the fast together, then proceed with Tarawih prayers in congregation.

Restaurants are prohibited from opening during fasting

During Ramadan, all restaurants in Brunei are prohibited from opening and serving customers at the time of imsak until breaking the fast. Traders are also prohibited from selling food and drinks in public places.

Especially for non-Muslim residents, it is permissible to consume packaged food and drinks in places that are not visible to the public. The state of Brunei makes strict rules against Muslims who are found not fasting.

Non-fasting Muslims are subject to sanctions

Based on the applicable law, if a Muslim person who has been obliged to fast is found not to be fasting, the Brunei police will arrest him and give sanctions and punishment.

In addition, the identity of the Muslim resident who is not fasting will be announced via television broadcast.

This is one form of the still strong state of Brunei in upholding the traditions of their ancestors, namely by “living according to custom, custom based on the book of Allah”.

King of Brunei Special Banquet During Fasting Month

During the month of Ramadan, the King of Brunei will hold a special banquet, both for tourists and Muslim residents of Brunei. The king had prepared special dates imported from the Middle East.

This date is a gift that will be distributed to all tourists and Muslims in Brunei.

In addition, the kingdom of Brunei has also prepared a variety of culinary delights which are provided free of charge to break the fast during the month of Ramadan.

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